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The profusion of young women at the Festival may well be one of its few historcially accurate aspects. With average life expectancy not exceeding 40 in good times, most people got married as early as 13 or 14. That tender age coupled with poor nutrition meant that physically undeveloped girls often had to take on adult responsibilities.

Further, due to the number of women dying in childbirth, men were more likely to re-marry than the other way around, leading to what we'd view as Lolita relationships. Besides, widows of independent means were easy pickings for the Inquisition.


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As always at the Fest, eyeglasses are the most prominent anachronisms, followed closely by wristwatches.

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From the Roaring 20s?

Cecile Volanges?

Other anachronisms are less obvious, like these 18th and early 20th century costumes. Historic accuracy tends to be uncomfortable or requiring of research and that time is better spent flirting...

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...dancing at the May Pole or gossiping with friends.



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Since most of these characters have closer connection to Hollywood than to the history books, they can hardly be captioned as "such and such person from that period". But a great deal of modern romances have started at the Fest and that's something.

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Flowers are everywhere and that is one feature that the modern world can take to heart.

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