Expressive face


Some history books assert that the (dead) white males were the culprits in all things unsavory during the Renaissance, Aztek human sacrifices included. In that spirit, here's a line-up of the usual suspects. Aren't they a villanous lot?

Fop green-eyed man
crazy with mirth Lensman
Doll Some of the coolest customers aren't even human: they are the dolls, the icons, the statues and other depictions of humans, mythical and otherwise.
Stilts fur hat
questioning lush beard
Mask sleepy

purple hat

woman acting as man
Wood-carver Dandy

Beer drinker

hat with feather

Nice hats!



Most people, traders and tradesmen alike, just mind their own business.

smoker During Renaissance, smoking tobacco was a death penalty offense in quite a few countries, including Russia. Eventually, the lure of excise taxes won over the rightous indignation and tobacco became part of the soldiers' rations, even!
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