Mid-term exams, the time of joy...

Flute player Minnesota winters are long and vicious. Even if the weather warms up, most locals know that nature is up to its usual base trickery. The real blue in the face Minnesotans know that the arrival of spring is heralded by a flute player.

Excuse me, by the flute player. When his tune causes students in Dinkytown, right by the University of Minnesota campus, to turn up their stereos to drown out the wailing melody, we know the spring is a-coming. The bus riders still wear heavy jackets but the plants on the dorm window sills already show faint traces of green on their branches.

Bus stop Window sill

Spring is also the time for misery, eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep and for dashing around madly. In other words, it is time for mid-term exams.
Woman dashing Man in a hurry Woman walking fast
Silhouette Hi-res Typing Old Laptop
A select minority manages to keep calm and to enjoy the fine weather. The few laptops that work without batteries spring into use.
Two in a cityscape Calm face Most, however, are still enveloped in bulky winter clothing and only recognizable at close range.
Red hat Red coat
Those few who are not in classes must be happy about it, as they all sport festive bright hues. Red seems to prevail. Guess Sen. McCarthy was right about that...
Dancer Two dancers
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