WARNING: this pages makes gratuitous references to vile concepts like system administration, dangerous intellectuals who think in terms of 'grep -l smut mind*' and even affection for animals who deserve mere kindness and some mice for lunch.

Photo of a Sysadmin This is David. He is a sysadmin. Normal sysadmins (if "normal" can ever be used in to describe such as them) spend much of their day answering luser questions while forwarding the said user's e-mail to /dev/null. As DDB's clientele is not numerous, I get to make up for lack of numbers with volume and persistence.
DDB looking down at a luser

David looking down at a luser.

DDB looking at a peer sysadmin

David looking at a fellow sysadmin -- or at an evolved user with a functional brain.

DDB with a
camera David and Company are cat people. They keep numerous representatives of the feline genera on hand, mostly for mundane uses, such as in the capacity of lapwarmers and mouse- and trackball-chasers. A few pussycats manage to rise the the role of a model. Late Suki was one such beast: adorned with only her own fur, she allowed David to add to the existing on-line smut.
DDB and camera

Contemplating the deed.


Point blank! Call the Humane Society.

Top view

David and Suki on a bed. Ooops! Wrong script.


Too much excitement causes DDB to rest up prior to resuming the session.

DDB has been Oleg's system administrator since 1995. The meaning of his famous line "Disk quota? 700 megs for now, we will add more space as needed" is now obscure, but back then it meant lavish storage amounts.
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