Writer Robb

Rob's chin Robb is one of Michelle's most talented and suave friends. When his tour of duty as a US Slacker, First Class will expire, he will doubtlessly find fame as a writer. Michelle, who has known him for twenty-five years, claims that his gentle and friendly character almost makes up for his questionable writing discipline.
Dangerous-looking male
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 We are from Kronschtad
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Unshaven bandit
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Keep it all in the family
America's best

All of a sudden, I find out that Robb has a brother named John. Meeting John makes me wonder if affability can be inherited, for both men are as mellow and friendly as can be.

They are also quite photogenic: Michelle and I waste no time capitalizing on that. Her pictures of Robb and John turned out great, I think.

He needs a shave

Probing piercing eyes Hi-res

Of course, John is an actor. As such, he can put on any face he wants, including this stern, mildly psycho impression.

Smile, anyone?
I could keep babbling about them, but I will not. Considering how little I know about these two, the portraits will likely be more informative than my words.
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