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Cursed with a poor memory for faces, I have always photographed anyone that caught my eye. Therse images are typical of the good old days when I paid too much attention to people's looks.
Graceful Filipino girl
Both girls were sighted at CyberX coffee shop. For awhile, that place provided the majority of my photographic subjects.
Scholar of Latin and Ancient Greek

A dear friend, a scholar and a moderating influence on me. Franscesca appears in later photographs as well.

This girl would have become a great journalist, had her camera not let her down that one time. By contrast, some people would never create anything worthwhile, no matter what gear they use.

A pictorial definition of angst

Sighted at a park

Man in blue shirt
A jolly oldtimer from the local Renaissance Festival.

A quiet girl

And one that defies classification.
Some guy
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