Introduction to Digital Imaging

Instructor Oleg Volk (615) 356-4041

Images for in-class assignments, updated April 29, 2004

  1. Perform tonal and color correction, combine foreground and background photos seamlessly. Prepare for print by sharpening, converting to CMYK at 200 dpi resolution. Show the results on-screen to the instructor.
  2. Perform tonal and color corrections for these two images: warm light and cool light.
  3. Outline the camera, erase the background, paint on a separate layer underneath.
  4. Creating selections: outline the lizard, replace background with a flat color.
  5. Outline the rabbit, set background to greyscale, tone the rabbit, with the exception of the eye, blue.
  6. Scanning: input provided print with the greatest level of detail, color-correct it. Practice images for color correction: Macbeth chart, un-corrected Macbeth chart, un-corrected image taken under incandescent light.
  7. Retouch a typical portrait: brighten and sharpen eyes, remove wrinkles, correct flash tones. Example of a an obviously retouched portrait. A more subtle approach.
  8. Combine the two images seamlessly. Please place the gull in front of a cityscape.
  • UPC label for the magazine assignment.
  • Grades: please save all of your work. I would like to record all grades at the end of the semester so that you have a chance to improve earlier projects, time permitting. However, projects should be ready by the due dates in order for them to be counted.

    If you must be absent, please email your assignment to the instructor on or before the due date.

    If you have any questions, please ask during the class, or during the lab time, or by email during the week.

    Useful links:

    Worth1000 photoshop tutorials | Digital imaging articles and tutorials | Adobe Photoshop tutorials

    Captions for the project:

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