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Mustachio Pete

Mustachio Pete is yet another Minneapolis wonder found at CyberX. It may be more accurate to call him Smiley Pete, for the whiskers come and go while the grin remains. If Pete were a cartoon caracter, he'd be Hobbes.
Season to be jolly
Pete's apparently boundless optimism is pretty hard to tolerate. Nothing like trying to gripe about life and failing to take my own troubles seriously because of his obscenely pervasive happiness.

Though Pete's physical manifestation sports a blue collar, he is a gentleman adventurer at heart, every ready to explore, be amazed and challenged. He can front you a deep thought or spare a joke with equal grace.

Red and blue
A regular Pancho Villa
When things get hairy... Hi-res

Pete is a man for all seasons, ever ready to explore and to be amazed by what life dishes out.
Weird, man!
Bond, James Bond
Pete carries on the tradition of Chivalry and civility. Perhaps those are merely specific cases of divine benevolence shown by the few who have the power and the restraint. A man of peace, he could give James Bond a few pointers in both marksmanship and good manners.

He is always well equipped with piercing wit and disarming charm.

Tough guy.
Extra! Extra! Pete's mustache disappears. Millions of groupies world-wide endorse the new look and try to get fresh pictures.

Jolly good fellow.

Grinning Mr. Social

Now it turns out that there's more to this scruffy fellow than he let on at first. What is his life about, besides being mellow and making his friends smile?

What is life all about? A question for five points...

cheery fellow streamlined skull
Winking Trying not to laugh
outlined by rimlight

His other life could be about being a father to this girl. Now, how would you like to have a father so much more wild than you, that you are slightly embarassed of him? Unlike the teenager, Dad does not depend on uninterrupted approval from his peers and is free to be himself.

Oh, Dad! You can't do thaaaat...

In the limelight

While Athena is busy frowning at her father's jokes and escapades. she does appreciate him.

Ssssssh, don't tell anyone.

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