This cat owns a flower shop

Eye of a cat
Stained glass window Given a choice, I would prefer to watch cats. Sometimes no such choice is available and I am stuck looking at humans. That happened once at a wedding of a "friend of a friend". The organ music sounded like a skunk in heat. The ceremony was not sufficiently interesting to take my mind off that howling. My mind roamed and so did my lens.

There should be a lot of a good woman
Denise the Bride.

Animated conversation Hi-res
Michelle and the bride's father.

God, when will this be over?

Using a digital camera Hi-res
Other guests were bored, too. Some coped with tedium better than others.

Flower on a lapel

Robb Hi-res
You have met Robb before. Not much has changed: he is still goofy and insufferable.

Refraction in a glass

The reception was far more interesting.

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