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Not quite Citizen Kane

One Leica III not in the frame

Mike the Leicaphile has got in my field of view often enough to end up on film or on CCD. Mike is a very good photographer. Unfortunately, his own work isn't on line, so you will have to take my word for it.


During my last trip to North Minnesota, I observed that well-made tools can last for generations. Most people also derive more pleasure from using quality equipment than from using the cheapest hack for the job. Perhaps that explains Mike's preference for Leica cameras.

While in Grand Rapids, I also observed a curious disregard for the beauty of nature. Beer bottles, motor oil containers and other garbage often outnumbered all other species of wildlife.

Public use rules
Uncivilized urban animals can be equally dirty. Recently, I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid running over two adult women who were crossing the street without looking. As they passed in front of my hood, one of these "ladies" started throwing paper bags, plastic cups and chunks of fast food all over the asphalt. Ugh.

Fortunately, most people I meet are much more considerate. Here are a few of those I know, either personally or through the Web.

Lorren is a composer.

Morgan Hi-res

Mark Olson

Faye Hi-res

Faye's has long been obsessed with restoring a 1972 Karmann Ghia. Would you like to sample the Essence of Ghia?

Ted the Magnificent

Sondra of the Samos family.


  Now, dear reader, go get more popcorn: a sequel is coming shortly. More rambling mutterings, what joy!
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