My name is Oleg Volk. I have been a photographer since 1992. In addition to portrait and product photography, I have images published in Photo District News, Inter Alia, DiG, PHOTOpro, SWAT and Nashville Parent magazines, as well as several books. I use film and digital cameras and utilize both location and studio lighting. My library of images exceeds 20,000 photos: examples represented here are a small fraction of the techniques I know and the subjects I have covered. You can contact me at (615) 356-4041 or email at

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A juvenile Bearded Dragon.

A close look at this suburban rabbit's ears reveals ticks and pellet holes.

A katydid (left). Mating grasshoppers (above).

This jumping spider just caught a butterfly.

A butterfly face.

A robber fly.

African Grey Burrowing spider.

Fangs of an Orange Usambra tarantula.


A private moment (left) and a public speech for an audience of six (above).

Two ways to smoke, one of them is easier on the person's lungs, the other is easier on his ears.

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