All three of us

I am happy to say that I am proud of my parents. They raised me, brought me to America and continue to be close friends. What more could a boy want?

I share a common philosophy, compatible hobbies and a strong bond of camaraderie with my parents. Not only they have seen me grow up but, over the years, I've seen them grow and evolve and improve to the point where they have my respect and admiration for reasons other than kinship. Both Ted and Tanya have many talents. They lead by example: when I grow up, I want to be more like them.

Happy anniversary

A young couple

Hard to imagine that these two youngsters have been together since 1971. Not only that, but they got their Masters' Degrees before getting me!


Pretty woman




Tanya's most recently developed gift lends itself to on-line display: the B&W image was done on film a while back, the color picture is a recent digital photo. Her most recent work is in a new dynamic gallery.

Orange red flower

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