Back in college, I often preferred taking photos to doing my assigned homework. As a result, my subjects were many, often complete strangers. Sometimes I managed to get my friends captured as well. I add images to this page as I uncover them.

Bill Ersland, a great illustrator from Stillwater. His skill with paint is supreme.

Midory Komatsubara, perhaps the most outgoing of the many Japanese exchange students.

Ji-Young Kim, a painter and my occasional model.

Mostly, she preferred to blend into the background.

Trudy Lane, a most talented multimedia designer.

Anthony, the editor of school magazine.

Francesca the librarian, an erudite, witty, and empathic soul.

Denise, a photographer who thought me an amusing devil.

Grace, a stranger.

Svetlana, another stranger.

Karis, a fellow student from my art history class.

Jaqueline, a decorative entity from Renaissance Festival

Somewhere along the way, my definition of interesting person had changed. Cute smooth face alone is no longer sufficient. Intelligence, sense of humor or unusual and worthwhile skills stand on their own, far ahead of such trifles as looks or age or anything else that fashion magazines extoll as beauty essentials. In fact, excessively careful grooming or too much bod mods is viewed as a sign of idle hands and of a mind with too much time between thoughts. By my criterea, Anney Oakley or Imogen Cunningham would make fine role models.