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Gib Alstrad, a people charmer

One fall a few years ago, my friend Gib had gone North to his cabin, inexplicably leaving keys for his house in our care. Naturally, we -- Liz, DDB, Randy and I -- decided to use his place as a studio.

Upon arrival, we found that the visit had been anticipated.
Gib's prime directives were communicated to us through an ordinary yellow note. We found Gib's pudding reserves, got lights set up and had fun.

Here's looking at you, kid.

Liz relaxed and enjoyed the attention. Randy couldn't quite decide which view to take of her. DDB has solved the problem by noticing a bit of everything. I clicked a few images to add to photos of Liz taken earlier.

At first, we took photos outdoors but, eventually, the neighbors started getting in the way. We retreated onto the screened stairway and then into Gib's lair.

On a stairway, with a book An open book
Looking the other way Stressed out
Pull down the blinds!

Curve Hi-res

With improved privacy, magnification of the photographs and simplicity of the outfits got better as well.

Hands and the Holy Cross

Mirror of the soul

Mostly, I concentrated on showing detail. Since I wasn't telling a sorty in pictures, what follows is largely a laundry list of Liz's features.

Closer look BraidComfortable garments
Jacket Torso, again

Dry flowers and skin

A story to go with the photos would have been nice so I made one up. When I reviewed it five years later, it read poorly so the text went and the photos stayed. These days human form takes a back seat to human expressions, so these pictures are a relic of the past. Enjoy them while they last.

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