Tamara and Marko
Three hours might not be a long drive, but it took me several months to meet net-friends from Knoxville after I moved to Nashville. I finally have a few pictures ready, with photos of other Knoxville friends coming soon. A long time ago, I invited Tamara to come to The Firing Line from Glocktalk and she has since become a moderator there. A little later, Marko (her room-mate at the time) joined that bunch as well. He goes by the moniker of lendringser, a nod to his German origins. Both now help me with moderating The High Road forums which succeeded The Firing Line.

Big happy smile Hi-res

Marko and Tamara are well-read, intelligent people with a well-honed sense of humor.

Tamara and an M1917

Very loud toy Hi-res

Both Marko and Tamara are fond of loud hand-held internal combustion engines. They are pretty good with the tools and know a great deal of substance and trivia. Watching movie with them involves hearing much of "That's the wrong modification of Panzer IV for 1942!" and similar comments.

Cat named Mittens


Varminting for mice Hi-res

Both are cat people (Marko's Mittens on the left, portrait of Tamara's Random Numbers coming soon). You can see Marko in the process of catching mice for his beloved and well-spoiled pet.

Tired cat

Random numbers Hi-res

On the left, Mittens rests after a day of doing nothing.Above, Random Numbers' dignity is being hurt.

Same thing handheld
Sig 225 Molon lave
Tam with itty bitty carbine

Teutonic stapler Hi-res

Practical uses aside, Tam and Marko like toys, be they fast computers, faster vehicles or precise rifles.

Marko's eye

Happy youngsters Hi-res

Recently, someone named Robin caught Marko's eye and got his undivided attention. Aren't they cute together?

Robin cooking tasty dinner

Lovey-dovey Hi-res

Nice to be appreciated, isn't it?

Working hard

16" AR15 Hi-res

They have happily settled into contented domesticity, complete with an in-house LAN, three generations of weiner dogs and a few neat toys.

Weiner dog

Dachshund Hi-res

One of the three dogs; the other two have been too elusive thus far. "A lot of dog in a small package."

Marko, Robin and Benelli Nova

Couple with a baby on the way Hi-res

So well have Marko and Robin got along that they got married and plant to get a version 2.0 of themselves.

Manly man

Relaxed Tamara

Zander and Tamara: good buddies in real life, head-butters on line. Excellent examples of Tennessee natives, even if one of them is an import from elsewhere.


Gwen Hi-res

Smiley Gwen. Her husband Mike has been very efficient at staying out of pictures but I finally got a few shots and will add them to this page shortly.


Look here

Gwen's daughter Michaela, seen here hiding behind her father, making tea and grooving to the music, is a good example of what's right with kids these days. She'd sane, intelligent and possessed of good parents.


Something funny Hi-res


Uvula removal

Slurp! Hi-res

That was a year ago. These days she has better things to do than trying to pry out her own uvula. Slurping a sode on a hot day, or impressing visitors with precociousness are among those better things.

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