Doc Ozone
Fancy cap


Doc Ozone is among the people whose public image quite overpowers his tangible persona, even to friends. In fact, many of us have gone awhile before realizing that Thaddeus Ozone has another name at all.

He is awesomely prolific, in the original meaning of the word "awesome". His Web fief -- a great, interweaved domain of hundreds of pages has been amoung the most popular sites ever produced, certainly the most popular one ever created and maintained by a single man.

Coffee Cup

Like many stars whose genius metabolizes drugs into art, Doc can turn ordinary coffeee into interesting web graphics. He often gets email addressed to "him and his staff". His helpers are two cats, proficient at games and shedding and jumping and chasing string (but, alas, less than skilled in .cgi scripting and HTML coding). Seen here is the younger of the felines, Dr. Watson -- an active, curious and most agreeable chap.

Doc also holds the dishonorable distinction of being the sole person in America to have attacked me physically. That taught me to be cautious of people even if they do have talent and a generally cheery attitude.

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