David in 1997

I met David many years ago.He has become a major influence on my habits and attitudes. Today, I fervently hold many of his views which shocked me when I first met him.

He introduced me to numerous science fiction authors, caused me to think before espousing any political viewpoints and widened my social circle. Much of the company I keep, both in terms of people and in terms of books, is due to him.

System administrator

He is the tireless administrator of the server on which my site has been hosted since 1995.

David in 1995

Keys and flashlight

Keyring holder

Contemplative photographer

DDB is a tool user. Some tools he picks for utility, others for the geek amusement value. He has been very generous with his equipment: many images on my site were taken with his cameras and lenses.

He is a cat person. Thanks to the pride of felines inhabiting his home, I have also developed an appreciation for them.

Man pictures cat Top view
Face from above
Spectacle lens

One of the interesting aspects of David is that he doesn't seem to age. The image on the left is recent, taken almost eight years after the oldest photos on this page. Yet he does not look appreciably different; how is that possible? If he has the secret to eternal immutability of appearance, it won't be long before Cosmo staff kidnap him for interrogation...
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