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saga of the cannibal mouse

pillar print Once upon a time, a mouse named Imogen lived in a pet store. One day a man came in and paid two bucks for her.

"A cheap cat toy," he said "I hope the furry lard-ball at home appreciates it."

And so the mouse moved to a new home. There the callous purchaser had a change of heart and gave the critter to his girlfriend. The mouse would not be cat-food, after all!

mouse, shirt pocket model

The mouse soon figured out the rules. She was like a college freshman, hanging around, doing nothing and sometimes venturing out to explore the immediate vicinity.

Like most college kids, she spoiled herself with recreational drugs, most virulent of which were TV and caffiene. Her nocturnal life-style and dependence on artificial stimulants made her a less-than-ideal rommate. Ever had a neighbor who would start running in a squeeky wheel at 2 a.m.?

caffiene addict in a coffee cup

pink hairless blind sushi left-over

after the grokking

Would you like fries with that?

Like many college kids experimenting with sex, the mouse turned out to be pregnant. Must have got some at the pet store. In due time, she produce six little blind mice. They were soooooo cute.

Imogen must have thought so, too. One day we came home and found her lunching on one of the six youngsters. She politely offered us this morsel. Seems that she ate four of her kids in all.

Doesn't that sound like a dandy way to convince the remaining kids to behave themselves?