Like, whatever, man

Happy to be off work at last Hi-res

I met Sean at the CyberX cafe, back when it was a new and interesting place. Sean worked at the place, making coffee between cracking jokes. He agreed to make time so that I could take his portrait.

Looking at something interesting


For all his good qualities, Sean doesn't always remember to keep appointments. When I showed up, he wasn't home and I ended up photographing his girlfriend Sacha, instead.

Typical expression
A few years later, I ran into him again. This time, we decided to do the photos without delay. Turned out that all the traits which earned Sean his nickname - a toothy grin, ability to be easily amused, good humor and the like - were still intact.
What's he up to?

Philosopher's bottle Hi-res

Equally intact was his thurst for Afri Cola.

Afri cola bottle

Silhouette Hi-res

I am not sure what makes it different from other brands of carbonated sugary colored water, but it did have quite a following with the CyberX regulars.

Matted hair

Dreadlocks Hi-res

Dreadlocks, anyone?


smiley Hi-res

A cheery smile at midnight. What kind of weirdos would stay up so late just to get a few portraits done? When these photos were taken, Sean was looking at one such person.