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Pretty Beauty.
Ephemeral and undefinable, yet so important.

Introspective List of ingredients of a teenage girl.

Black in White. A behavioral puzzle in pictures.

Rachele is a professional model...or would be one if she could find more work.

TanyaTanya, a cute, soft-spoken girl from San Francisco. The kind of woman immortalized by Marcel Proust and Guy de Maupassant -- hard, determined but also graceful.

Underground Sometimes a face catches my eye. By the time my imperfect memory is done with the image it gets to look good. Amy's visage was one of such.

The Unknown When Prosper Merimee wrote his Letter to the Unknown, he had no way of knowing that they would eventually be published. Unlike him, I did plan to publish my vision of the Lady fair.

Grace KooGrace, a young lady who lives up to her name.

Janelle: portrait of a rugby champ.

A Sysop, caught photographing a model dressed in nothing but her own fur!

Maria Berte. A Real Lady Maria Oriental

Olivia Ray The "Real Minnesotan".
UPDATED Margarita Faustino A vamp defined!
Christina Ybanez Portrait of Innocence?
Miss Straight-Laced
Shelly Sauve What kind of photos happen if a party runs late.