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Chance encounters provide me with necessary visual stimulation. As essential to well-being as good food, temperate weather and drawn-out chess games are interesting and, occasionally, cute people.

BirdFirst impression of a California beach.

Drive-byOld cars can be gorgeous.
They can also be Ford Pintos. Guess which kind I photograph.
Dancer at U of MSpring on Campus: as the weather improves, denizens of the University of Minnesota East Bank Campus emerge. Tree rats come along to beg for food. Photographers come join the tree rats and scurry around getting pictures and a sore back from too much gear.
MuffinInternet Cafe, where your dessert might talk back.

. Where life is stranger than fiction.

Machine pistol
A slightly biased article about the role of firearms.

A photog and his model venture into the wilderness.
Escape from daily toil is the ostensible purpose.

Dry Rose
Some people collect stamps. Others, dry flowers. Those more energetic might gather harems. My hobby is retaining interesting sights, distilling them in a darkroom and presenting them to friends.
All the sights I would like to share do not fit on a single page.

HandsImages from my other retina.

North Shore of Lake Superior trip with two other photogs. We thought of taking along a fourth guy as mosquito bait. We ended up not needing the bait: the only animal we saw was a crow which extracted a pack of Fig Newtons from bag left on a motorcycle. The bird was swallowing the cookies whole.
Got photos of moonrise over lake Superior and some pix of a looney bin escapee trying rock climbing with a Pentax 67 and a tripod. Having to live off roadside eateries gave me new appreciation for homemade Korean food.

Over forty photos from Renaissance Festival
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Loring Park
Asylum Asylum
Photos that had no place to go.