The College of St.Olaf is located atop a picturesque hill in Northfield, Minnesota. On May 6th, having successfully completed an interview in Mankato, I decided to visit Janelle "on my way back". By the time I actually got to Northfield it was past nightfall.
After I had warmed up my hands (guess how?) and had dinner with Janelle, she announced firm intent to finish homework due the next day. With that unwholesome mission in mind my friend had departed for the computer lab.
A quick tour of the dorm floor had turned up Geneva, a charming American Indian beauty who, in theory, would have liked to be in front of my camera. However, she had other engagements till 10 p.m.
My only distractions until that time were a nice view from the 11th floor and the company of Liz, Janelle's roommate. Being a visually indulgent creature, I had opted to ingest enough caffeine to keep my eyes open. The first thing I saw was something like this... First look
The luxurious braid was what made her so noticable. Braid
Upon a closer look a proud and straight stance added to the impression. Closer look
One of the good sides of dormitories where floors are separated by gender is that the occupants can dress for convinience, rather than for modesty. As the building is overheated in the winter, they do not have to dress for warmth, either. Comfortable garments
If venturing outside is needed, a jacket tends to saffice. Jacket
Heeding the proverb about eyes being a mirror of the soul, I first looked Liz in the eye. However, nonwithstanding our being at a theological institution, her eyes only reflected the room. Mirror of the soul
Torso Torso, again Front view
Before long I had become a fan of her fashion style: simple, comfortable and elegant.
Though college students are not rich, certain essentials find their way even into the spartan St.Olaf dorms. As the particular building I visited is on a hilltop, some like to soak up early morning sunshine. Tanning
Fur and Jewelry Finally, in the absence of generous admirers, some provided for themselves such old-fashioned amenities as natural furs and fine jewelry.
As most perfect hospitality had been extended to me during my stay, I am looking forward to visiting again.
Oh, and I forgot to get back to the Indian girl...