Here's looking at you, kid. Hi-res
You probably have seen my friend Liz.
Chances are, you would not have known who she was.
Hands and the Holy Cross Hi-res
She has always been a pious, serious woman. As such, she used to prefer remaining Unknown.
On a stairway, with a book An open book Hi-res
Liz is still an intellectual, bookish type. However, she plays rugby in spare time. No surprisingly, a hobby involving donating blood to the environment has imparted a few peculiar facets to her nature.
Looking the other way Hi-res She is not above relishing attention. Even if someone should openly stare, she might look the other way. Still, she would draw the line at staring at chest-level during a conversation, without ever bothering with eye contact. While most well-mannered people would consider such conduct only uncouth, Liz takes it as an invitation to pest control.
Look up, boy! Hi-res 16-gauge, choked Hi-res
Stressed out Hi-res Do not judge such short temper as inappropriate.

First, Liz is under much stress, especially during exams.
Second, she is simply applying her understanding of psychology to practical situations: buckshot is the most effective means of Pavlovian conditioning ever devised. One -ounce dose prevents undesirable behavior from re-occuring, ever.

Everything else about Liz - curves, beads and even her habit of breathing fire - is so dainty as to make up for the rough ways just described.
Curve Hi-res Puff Hi-res
And to think that she would subject such a body to the risks of rugby! Mustard seed Hi-res

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