I would like to thank Ron Levitus for providing Lowell lights used for these photos.

Among the people I like are such disreputables as Kitagawa Utamaro and Torii Kiyonaga. Of course, since professional acquaintances of my friends must be treated politely, I am likewise cordial with Chobunsai Eishi and Suzuki Harinobu.
The bunch I just mentioned is known for depicting mostly pretty women (with token numbers of flower and celebrity pictures added for variety.) Some, like Uta-san, find excuses for the depictions.
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Most ukiyo-e practitioners do not even bother with plausible explanations.

Amy, a pretty girl
Personally, I prefer to depict what is pleasing to the eye.

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I just claim that depicting my friends is a higher calling, worthy of a bozo true artist like me.

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Here, for example, is my comrade in lunacy, the Sysop (yes, that's what Sysops look like in the wild.)

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The rare moments spent with such friends are precious.
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Supposedely, human warmth alone makes the frigidity of Minnesota bearable. Sometimes, however, dressing warmly helps.
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Lace, if less practical during the winter, gets more attention than more pedestrian outfits.

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