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Savage 93 FV-SR 22WMR bolt action: new on AllOutdoor

It’s like a very good 22 rifle, only better.

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Magnum Lite .22WMR: new on American Shooting Journal

A brief review.

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What’s the situation in Puerto Rico now?

In June, Puerto Rico gun laws got struck down. What does it mean in practice for the island residents and visitors? (The rifle is Henry octagon pump in 22WMR. The beach is on Vieques Island.)

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Light carbines on shipboard

Kel-Tec CMR30 .22wmr with Vortex Spitfire 3x scope RDB 5.56mm with Trijicon VCOG 1-6x scope

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FN PS90 vs. Kel-Tec CMR30

PDW vs. magnum rimfire

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Modern and historic

Keltec CMR30 with Primary Arms 4x prismatic scope. Springfield 1903 rinfire trainer.

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People control

As if there was any doubt that “gun control” is just a misnomer for people control, we have more evidence of the new direction on the part of the disarmers of lawful Americans. That direction is Soviet-style punitive psychiatry as … Continue reading

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CMR30 in use

And between uses (with Vortex Spitfire 3x prismatic scope) Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

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Reasons to like Keltec CMR30

In my experience, it’s been reliable, accurate and fun to use. The optic shown is 3x Vortex Spitefire, quite reasonable with this cartridge for ranges up to 250 yards. 22mag ammo ranges in bullet weight from 30 to 50 grains. … Continue reading

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Sure Strike Laser Training Ammo Keltec CMR30 Carbine

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Work, work, work…

…with neat people and cool guns. Last two day’s worth of sample images. Kangaroo Carry, Charter Arms, Keltec. And… Ashbury Precision Ordnance, Nightforce Optics, Blackhawk/Champion.  

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Summer dress carry

As we have recently observed, summer dresses often lack pockets and belt loops. Fortunately, some guns are light enough that a belt thrown around the waistline can support a sufficient holster with comfort. This one, made by Simply Rugged in … Continue reading

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Where 22Magnum excels.

22WMR is hardly an efficient pistol caliber, most of the time. The exception is when it’s used with CCI Gold Dots or other loads made just for short barrels. Then it becomes usable, if not ideal, for self-defense. The plus … Continue reading

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One way to handle switchable barrels.

This 455Lux rifle is in 22WMR. It also accepts a 22LR barrel — with its own sights — and appropriate magazines. Plink with cheaper ammo, bust tree rats with faster 22 Magnum. Don’t have to re-zero.

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PMR30 with Burris Fast Dot

PMR30 is a very flat-shooting pistol. A red dot sight lets the user take advantage of the extended ballistic range with better accuracy.

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Varmints beware

With muzzle velocity near 1450fps with 40gr defensive ammunition and higher than that with 30gr varmint rounds, PMR30 shoots flat without much recoil. The lack of recoil is helpful considering the precarious perch a rise has on horseback. Last summer, … Continue reading

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Czechpoint 22WMR revolver

You might recall the photo I posted last year of a 6″ Czechpoint revolver in 22Magnum. This year, I finally got around to firing it. At the birthday party, we had clays set up from about 25 yards out to … Continue reading

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So proud of our students…we treat them as morons!

University of Colorado is in the news, but they are hardly exceptional in the typically dismissive and disrespectful treatment of students by colleges. Typical rules of student conduct presume a retarded minor child and not a young adult — or, … Continue reading

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Good outdoor kit

Spartan Blades | PMR30

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