Wireless noise-cancelling headset recommendation needed

I am looking for a headset for the following:

  • Talking on the phone hands-free (needs a microphone option)
  • Listening to to music or watching movies on a plane
  • Listening to music from desktop at home

I looked at Samsung Level Over, but preferred batteries would be AA or AAA, not built in and non-replaceable. Suggestions?

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Who in or near Nashville has a Steyr AUG?

I have some spare parts I’d like to give away.

(Update: parts committed.)

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Competitive 10-22 shooter

Aiming a 10-22 in a Blackhawk stock. Tandemkross magazine bumper floorplates make reloading easier.

Halley, one of the Chamberlains — a family with both parents and all three kids competing in rimfire steel challenge. They all prefer open sights to optics.

Leaning out to fire around an obstacle.

And the typical result of her efforts:

At 2015 NSSF World Steel Challenge. The rest of the family also won top spots.

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“Green” bullets.

The point of 25ACP is to allow really tiny defensive guns. Plus side, they can be hidden anywhere. Minus side, not much stopping power — the wound track is similar to a pencil being pushed through, and that if it doesn’t ricochet off skull bones — and not a great aimed range when using pistols small enough to justify the caliber.

While I can reliably hit a torso target at 25 yards with Baby Brownings, it’s not a weapon for distance. Typical use happens up close, and all considerations are secondary before reliability.

Enter monolithic, lathe turned copper bullets loaded into turned (rather than drawn) cases. These are extremely uniform in dimensions, smooth and should feed and extract better than jacketed lead with drawn cases. Machined cases stand up to repeated reloading a lot better, too. Being less dense than jacketed lead, copper gives slightly higher velocity at the cost of lower performance at longer distances. For 25ACP, looks like a viable trade-off.

The Taurus pistol shown above is really too large for 25ACP. In that size, 32ACP is viable. Further, while the discontinued metal-framed version has a decent trigger, the polymer-framed variant has one the worst triggers I’ve encountered. It is too heavy and too sharp to fire without pain, and I couldn’t finish the magazine. So don’t use that model for self-defense. If you use 25ACP, Baby Browning variants, Beretta Jetfire and other models, or maybe a Seecamp would make more sense.

I have no idea where OATH got the 800fps listed on the box. In my tests, it reached 960fps from a 2″ Baby Browning barrel. It’s possible that the production load is slower, but it’s unlikely to be below 900fps minimum. The reason for this load is not any great ballistic feats but maximized reliability in tiny guns. At $29 for 50 rounds from OATH store, they cost the same as Winchester or Remington loads, more than PPU, Fiocchi or Federal. Given the reliability advantage, they might be worth the slight premium.


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Extended use report on Kel-Tec RDB: new on AllOutdoor

The first eight months (including pre-production) with the new .223 bullpup

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“We Investigate Zebras”, a new story by Amie Gibbons

we investigate zebras cover small

When hearing hoofbeats, most people assume horses, not zebras. Amie’s heroine has to at least consider the black and white stripes being a factor in her somewhat quirky investigative world.

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Fun size buckshot

They may be short, but it’ still buckshot at 1200fps. Not much recoil to speak of. Numerous reviews mentioning use in a KSG (in my experience, each tube holds 12 shells, one review mentions 11). Now to actually find these shells and also mini slugs in stock somewhere!

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Classic sports have military roots.

Running, wrestling, fencing, archery and javelin all stem from military training. So does biathlon. Could skeet and trap shooting similarly evolve under the martial influences of riot control needs into a more socially oriented sport?


Home alone? No problem.


(Spelling fixed in the top poster.)

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A family that shoots together

These three youngsters, along with their parents, are among the top competitive steel shooters in the US. I had a great time doing photos of this cohesive and accomplished family.


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World Steel Challenge photos

I still have several memory sticks given to me at the end of the Ft.Smith event by various people. Most of them are without an associated name or address. If you gave me a memory stick for the photos, please message email me your name and address as a reminder.

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Back from Florida

New friends.

Old friends.

Warm weather, much work and even more fun. And I am glad to be home at last.

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Please recommend a subcompact camera

I am looking for a camera small enough to live in a shirt pocket. Protected viewfinder would be helpful but not mandatory, close focus is mandatory. Would be ok with prime, non-zoom lens. The purpose is to provide a more stable recording device than the camera in the phone. I looked at Sony TX30 but the number of negative reviews about durability has me questioning it. Water proofing would be a plus but not required. Ideally, the lens would be no slower than f2.8. I would prefer physical controls to touch screen to be able to use it with gloves on.

Update: thinking about EOS M10 with 22mm/f2 lens or RX100mk3. Not sure 22mm lens has close enough focus. Macro is important. Not sure RX100 interface will be fast or clear enough. Would really prefer something much smaller, but durability and speed of operation reports about the pocket cameras aren’t encouraging.

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7.7mm Arisaka in Nashville

Does anyone have such a rifle available for me to borrow for photos?

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One in Infinity, Amie’s newest book, is available

Read it on Kindle.

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Compact and accurate

K&M17 5.56mm with 4x Lucid scope: very compact, quite accurate. Style and poise by Yih Chau-Cheng.

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Extra points for style

Volquartsen Ultralite in a Magpul stock, with an Aimpoint T1.

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Upgraded 22/45 Lite

Lucid M7 red dot, several Tandemkross parts. Marksman: Yih Chau-Cheng.

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The little antelope packs a kick.

A baker’s dozen of kicks, actually. Saiga with 12rd Promag drum. The combination is compact and works very reliably.

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She’s no mechanic!

She may have a grease gun, but the cars she serviced catch fire more than they run…

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Italian airplane

Can anybody identify this plane and its markings?

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