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Sure Strike Laser Training Ammo

Keltec CMR30 Carbine

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Henry Golden Boy

Accurate and reliable, this rifle really grew on me…and the same thing happened to Sarah. she loves her little lever action.

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What I like about the upcoming Keltec RDB

Bottom ejection is left and right hand compatible. Felt recoil is extremely low without a compensator — which makes me really wonder about the concussive muzzle brake installed on this demo gun. Great trigger, reversible charging handle, excellent accuracy. 1-6x scope is a good fit for the cartridge.

It’s a pre-production gun, so I am still waiting for minor refinements of the safety lever, magazine release and sling attachments. But it’s nice to see very functional test guns out at public events, in this case the Bullpup Conference at Rockcastle Shooting Center.

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SCAR-H with Gemtech muzzle blast mitigation shield, Aimpoint T1, Inforce light. Camo by Kryptek.

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Flashy ammo

PMC rifle ammunition is pretty flashy to begin with. This picture shows shot three or four in a sequence of rapid fire. By then, the build-up of hot gas and unburned powder particles caused a brighter muzzle flame than before.

The rifle is PWS Mk.2 piston .308 with a Gemtech suppressor. The shooter is Yih-Chau Cheng, Oakland Gun Rights Examiner.

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A hypothetical situation for pro-life people

If you were under attack by a pregnant woman and had to choose between dying or using deadly force in self-defense, which would you choose? If you would choose self-defense, how do you reconcile harming the fetus to save your life with putting the fetus first when the life of the mother is on the line for medical or other reasons?

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Varminting in Idaho

PWS Mk.1 in 300Blackout, with Gemtech can and Aimpoint T1 microdot. Good on coyotes out to about 300m.

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Inland M1 carbines back in production.

Inland Manufacturing is once again making M1 carbines done right: ladder sights with proper detents, round bolts, good reliability and accuracy. Had a fun shoot with them. They even fed Hornady red tip defense ammo which my own carbine won’t feed. Inland is also making M1911A1 pistols. I got to plink with one at a 1/2 size steel silhouette and 100% hits at 35 yards were pretty easy.

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Unwinding between bouts of work

My tech support is in town.

Ingram 45ACp submachine gun with a home-made (properly tax stamped) Scionics-type silencer. No usable sights (needs a red dot) but can be point shot fairly well out to 35-40 yards.

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I really like vz58 in .223

While 7.62×39 version is cute, tiny and pretty punchy, the .223 is more of an all-around fighting rifle. Using the same barrel blank as the 7.62, the 5.56mm version is more accurate, heats up slower and has less recoil. In fact, with the loud but effective muzzle brake, recoil is closer to a semi-auto 22wmr than to other centerfire rifles. I haven’t scopes this one yet (that would require a stock with a riser), but even irons provide less than 3MOA vs. 5MOA of the 7.62 variant (again, with iron sights). In the near future, I will have to compare the efficiency of the AR15 magazines vs. using the original rock and lock mags without the adapter.

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Rapid fire

Steve from is running his AR. PWS FSC muzzle brake is loud but effective. The scope is Weaver 1.5-6x. I shot this rifle today as well, it worked as well off-hand as supported.

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Paging Wilhelm Tell!

I had a great time at the range today with several friends. More photos after I get my new computer installed on Saturday.

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Where to get a power adapter from Swedish to American outlet?

I have a Swedish visitor here and she needs to plug in her laptop. All my web searches turn out the reverse (US–>Sweden) of what I need. Suggestions, please?

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Boise get-together, Saturday 11th

Meet old friends and make new acquaintances this Saturday at Rembrandt’s coffee house in Eagle, ID. The get-together begins at 10am and will likely go until 1pm or so.

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Crosman MAR177 upper for AR-15: new on AllOutdoor

Training for accuracy with a .177 pre-charged air gun.

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Need help with coordinating a project in Boise, ID

The location at which I was set to do photos, video and some live fire just became unavailable. Neither of my two local coordinators have been reachable in several days, so I need to come up with plan B by Tuesday October 6. Anyone able to assist?

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Roll call: Boise, Idaho

I will be there next week for a photo shoot with Gemtech, PWS, Lucid, Keltec and other companies. A couple of my models are coming in from California and Minnesota. I’d like to know who is in the area — perhaps we would be able to connect.

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Making the decision to defend yourself.

Imagine a mosquito landed on your arm. Would you swat it? Simple socialist logic suggests that you should let it be. After all, all biting mosquitoes are single mothers who need your blood to complete their reproductive cycle. Moreover, the sting isn’t fatal or even disabling to you, merely slightly itchy. Transmission of malaria and West Nile disease is only a factor in some areas, so there’s no long-term threat to your life and health. Let the mosquito be!

Somehow, I get an impression that you would kill that poor, benighted insect that was only following its instincts. So you have no trouble using deadly force to stop a small imposition on you by a being with no moral sense. Fine! Let’s talk about cute, cuddly puppies instead.

Imagine going on a hike and getting surrounded by a pack of canines, wolves or feral dogs. They are obviously hungry and intend to kill and eat you, not necessarily in that order. Like the mosquito, they are driven by necessity. They have no concept of your rights and act quite naturally. Should you give yourself to them generously and nourishingly?

What, you are not keen on being eaten? You really are no friend of nature! And what’s that about a stout stick I am seeing in your hand? Don’t you know that an animal with a broken leg has no chance of survival in the wild!

From the two examples, it follows that you — and most other people — have no trouble using deadly force to rebuff impositions by animals who are only doing what comes naturally to them. A wild animal has no moral sense that it has to ignore in order to prey on you, and so it is as innocent in thought as it is determined to get your flesh and blood.

Now consider an attack by a person. Preying on a member of its own species for food is not natural for humans or apes, as we are not typically cannibals. Attacking to gain material or reproductive advantage is rather more common, but usually not necessary for survival. So a person who attacks you for gain or spite is doing so by choice and not by compulsion. Your life and health are of less concern to him than the expected gain, however minimal. And that disregard comes from a person who should have had at least some exposure to the ethical concept of nonaggression.

Should a person whose immediate survival does not hinge on attacking you and who should know better be given more consideration than the ethically ignorant mosquito and wolf? If so, why? While you are thinking about that, consider also that a person who preys on you won’t change his ways after one attack.

Animals who develop a taste for blood, keep it for a lifetime. Your pain are as much a positive reinforcement for them as the proceeds of brigandage. And worse, the screams of your kids or parents are turn-on as well. It’s conceivable that the spirit of self-sacrifice would lead a person to be a passive victim, though being victimized by a nominal human is no less painful or more romantic than being chewed by by a hyena or a crocodile. Even if you don’t mind death or a lifetime disability from injuries, what of the safety of family and friends? An attacker who kills or maims you will be encourage to do the same to them, while an attacker who gets scared off but not neutralized will just pick easier victims the next time. If a healthy adult proves too dangerous, a human predator will go for a child or an elderly invalid, just as their counterparts in the wild do.

Technical details of self-defense are easy to figure out. The first-world problem we face is making the decision that Human Life is Worth Defending in general, and yours in particular.  Other people can’t make that decision for you. You can.

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Rapid fire with ARAK21 SBR

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Slow-motion video in HD?

Now that even some cell phones offer decent quality 240fps slow motion, I’d like to see if slow-mo is available in HD resolution…for my purposes, even 720×1280 (Youtube HD) might work, though full 1920×1080 would be preferable. I tried little Sony camcorders, but the footage quality was terrible. Any recommendations?

Update: turns out that my Sony A7R works well in 60P–>24P. If I mix it with 5D2 footage, then it’s 60P–>30P, also usable.

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