New on AllOutdoor: Gemtech GM22 Suppressor

Maintenance-friendly design with asymmetric baffle stack.

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Improving AK sights

Norden Performance 1-6x scope on an AK with TWS rail and forend.

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Smile with teeth.

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More photos in Shooting Illustrated

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Interview with Serbian Kalibar magazine




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My recent publications

About left-handed AR15s in Shooting Illustrated. Print version is more extensively illustrated.

Interview with Serbian Kalibar. Print version is more extensively illustrated.

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Just a random girl from Texas

This charismatic wood-worker’s shop is right across from Texas Weapon Systems, and she stopped by for a few minutes. The rifle is a Polish Tantal in 5.45mm, with an Aimpoint sight, and Magpul stock, sling and magazine loop. I will be taking range photos with her in November.


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Rifle manual of arms in a shotgun

Firebird Precision TAC12 (differs from the current TAC12A1 only in the take-down method) with 10-round magazines and EOTech sight.

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Where in the US could I find this kind of forest?

I am looking for coniferous trees, moss, mushrooms, wild berries, something like this photo set.

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HK MP7 sound-suppressed with B&T silencer

4.6x30mm round fires bullets in the 26-42 grain range at 2000-2400fps. Designed to penetrate soft body armor, it produces minimal felt recoil, especially when sound-suppressed. It’s quite easy to keep a 3-6 round burst on a silhouette at 100 meters. Unfortunately, short-barreled weapons with stocks are restricted and taxed, while automatic arms made after 1986 are unavailable to non-government users entirely…almost as if they consider us dangerous savages who cannot be trusted with self-defense arms. That was the policy of the British empire towards its Indian colonial subjects, and it is the preferred policy of certain American politicians to the rest of the country’s population.

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Short-notice casting call in Austin, TX

I need a male actor for a short video, someone who would look authoritative and confident speaking about rifles and accessories. The person who was going to work for us is suddenly unavailable.

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I haven’t seen sealed battlepacks since the South African 300-rounders. Now PPU is bringing them to the US. They look pretty useful for long-term storage.

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Support gun rights in Minnesota

And support the people who fight for them, GOCRA.

David from Atomic Tactical holding the new Coonan compact .357 autopistol.

With Sig 551A1.

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This could have been a submachine gun or at least a short carbine…

…but it’s only a PPS43, in the crippled “pistol” form mandated by NFA1934 regulations.


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Canned goods…

…for feeding your battle rifle.

from Prvi Partizan

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It brings out the battle-ready beast in men!

While 30-30 was not the first smokeless cartridge in wide use, it was the first one for the US. It’s an indication of the correct approach to small arms that American civilians it before the Army, while in Europe it was the other way around. The USMC and the Navy did adopt the long-forgotten 6mm Lee smokeless round about the same time.

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Upgrading Marlin 336 with better sights: new on AllOutdoor

Rails, ghost ring sights, optics, oh my!

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The look of pure joy

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Pretty in pink

It seems like every other military rifle design borrows heavily from the AR18 and AR180 design, yet very few of them were built and fewer yet adopted by institutional users.

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Low-recoil 45ACP compact

The extra 1.5″ of barrel length and +1 round of capacity relative to other compact 45s are nice, but it’s the very low felt recoil that I like best about Boberg XR45-S. Plus, it is accurate and works with a wide variety of bullet profiles.

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