Better Sporting Ammunition: new on AllOutdoor

Velocity Munitions 9mm.

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CZ and the Czech School of Gunmaking: new on GUNSweek

Bren 805 and Scorpion carbines.

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Realistic Live Fire Training at Troy’s Gate: new on AllOutdoor


An innovative and effective method for learning to think under stress.

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“Peaceful” should not mean “defenseless” (in Armenian)

(With thanks to Hrachya H. for the translation.)

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My former model wants to let go of a TPD AXR bullpup

This rifle has been shot very little, so she would like to find a new home for it. Asking $1500 (neither sight nor magazine are included). It does take standard AR15 magazines. If interested, let me know and I will connect you to her.

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“No guns” postings on restaurant doors


I would estimate that half of Nashville restaurants have no carry signs. I am curious how they can afford to turn away a substantial portion of potential customers, both those who carry and those in the same group with them? Is business so good that 15% or so of potential business can be just driven away for ideology?

Some of the signs aren’t pictograms but rather coy text plaques along the lines of “we respect the rights of gun owners, but you aren’t welcome here.” Even if postings were not enforceable by law (which they are in TN), I wouldn’t give my business and money to bigots. I have contacted a few restaurants with emails and photos of receipts from their competitors, but they don’t seem very concerned. I am curious why. I doubt that many people pick eateries on the strength of seeing a carry prohibition, while the reverse is pretty common.

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Athena at 12

By 13, she’d probably be using an imperial bolter or a self-propelled Hellbore. Kids of science fiction writers tend to have esoteric tastes. The current carbine is a Chiappa .22 upper on an older Omni receiver, a lightweight but surprisingly accurate configuration.

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History you can touch

Inland M1 carbine and M1911A1.

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Mini review of a micro light: new on Alloutdoor


Ghost 130

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Sig P320

This photo was made for an course.

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A prepper’s dilemma

After the tour of Federal Ammunition plant in Anoka, I am convinced that fewer rounds of good ammo beat more bulk milsurp. The QC process at Federal is rather more impressive than the lack thereof that’s evident from the results I get from Tula and similar brands.

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Product and people photography seminar in Nashville, November 12-13

The dates have been set for the next photo technique seminar. Enrollment is limited to four students maximum (three spots are open at this time). Two courses are offered:

  • Product photography, with emphasis on guns and blades: Saturday 12th — $375
  • People with weapons, with live model: Sunday 13th — $375

Both courses can be taken for $700 (you save $50). Let me know if you would like to attend. 10% pre-payment is requested to secure your spot.

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OATH TSR slug accuracy

The makers of TSR slug never tested it in rifled barrels, and recommended it only for smoothbore pumps or other manual action shotguns. I tried it in Winchester SX3 Cantilever deer gun.

Results: mild recoil (gas autoloading must be doing its job, given the nearly 600gr slug at 1200fps), excellent accuracy. Four shot groups at 25 yards are all less than the slug diameter in size, working out to about 2.4MOA — and that’s with just a red dot! Without rifling, from a bead sighted maverick 88, the groups are around 3-4″, some of it coming from variable sighting.

When properly loaded, this load cycles SX3 just fine. My sample pack had four squibs out of ten, which was a novel experience. The primer did push the slug downrange and the projectile even hit the 25 yards target, though a foot low. I will be testing much larger quantities of the slug from actual production (mine were pre-production samples) before I can recommend it for reliability, but accuracy in rifled bores is stellar.

By contrast, Teamneverquit slugs (1 oz, 1200fps) were not quite as accurate from rifled bore — 1.5″ at 25 yards — but had no variation between rounds. Rifled chokes gave similar results, smoothbore around 3-4″, same as TSR. Recoil, at least from SX3, was minimal.

Overall, if I had to pick a tube-fed defensive rifle, the SX3 would be the top contender. It’s light, handy, has minimal felt recoil, and serves 12ga bullets that expand to 1.5″ (Team Neverquit) or 2.6″ (TSR). I do wonder if the magazine tube could be extended past 4-shot capacity — 6 total would be nice, but I am not sure if that would compromise the currently excellent balance.

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Good ammo for Sub2000

Sub2000 (and most 9mm rifles) seem most accurate with lighter weight bullets. Zinc alloy ball made by MI Bullet gives about 2.5MOA and rather good penetration. These use fairly fast powders, so no flash from the longer barrel. Velocity, if I recall correctly was around 1450fps with the 88gr bullet. A 124gr load of the same type is also coming.

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Put your faith in 380ACP? New on AllOutdoor

Compact 13-shot .380 from Turkey.

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New: Joshua MK5 on GunsWeek

AR/AK/FAL features all in one rifle.

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Once an object of desire, now a functional antique

An Olympus Pen F half-frame, a real classic. Once upon a time, nearly twenty years ago, I really wanted one of these but couldn’t justify the price. One of the major features, for me, was the default vertical framing. Getting 72 exposures per roll was a plus at the time, as I seldom enlarged beyond 8×10″. The reasons I never bought it were two, a rather dim viewfinder and the price. I forget what it cost back then, but it was more than I could drop on a toy.

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The home of my parents is always full of flowers.

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Fun in infrared

At Aribert Munzner’s art show in Minneapolis, which is still open to the public. Unlike the Minneapolis Institute of Art, which uses mostly fluorescent lights, Ari’s show had enough infrared for me to use the converted G2. That little camera is quickly becoming a favorite toy for me.

I use it to record everyday details and also to make stock images for future use as low contrast backgrounds for posters.

“Typical suburban home”


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Third Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

Get your new book fix here! Several authors are putting up quite a few items on special. One of the covers was designed by me, another uses a photo I took.

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