Published in Serbia

Several of my M249 photos just got published in Kalibar.

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Old friend suddenly turns up

This week, I was contacted by a friend who has been out of touch for almost eight years. That prompted me to edit some old photos of her.

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Lexington, KY roll call

A friend from Utah will be in Lexington Monday February 22 to visit a prospective college. Would anybody like to play host for a day for her?

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ASJ Cover Article: The Mighty Mite

All about Alexis.

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Weight is a relative concept

I am playing with new plates in an old carrier. Trying to decide between it, older Dyneema plates backed with soft armor and just going with pistol/buckshot-rated vest. Thoughts?

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Three feet and five inches.

Swords have been around since 1600BCE. Pistols, including revolvers, since the early 1500s. Government efforts to restrict their use to the “right people” go back about as far. The “right people” are typically the members of the party in power. The “wrong people” are political opposition, the poor and the ethnic minorities. Modern India illustrates that perfectly: the untouchables caste members are completely disarmed, while the top castes have access to weapons despite them being extremely rare and expensive. The same was true of the USSR, Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany — they were not so much anti-gun as interested in the monopoly on gun ownership. That monopoly is always enforced with — surprise, surprise — with more guns wielded by the loyalists of the government.

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A well groomed lady

Hair by Alex Pelerossi, makeup by Sarah Potts, furs by unknown mammals.

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History of industrial explosives

Reading about Nobel, it seemed that dynamite and gelignite were mostly supplanted in engineering uses by ANFO, described as “safer in use and also more powerful”. I was under the impression that nitrate-based explosives were rather weak for the volume and were employed mainly for reasons of low cost and availability, not power. Where could I find ranking of various historic substances by power and brisance?

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The Treetop Experimentation

Amie’s new book is now available:

The Treetops Experimentation: A Laws of Magic Short Story.

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New edits of old photos

Found some pictures from 2008 to edit for the friends shown in them.

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Hot or cold?

I am looking for recommendations on a thermometer, mainly for checking rifle barrel temperature. Suggestions for something reasonably accurate (+/- 5*F)

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Long-range magic wand

Half-MOA killing curse.

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My definition of “civilized”

Acting civilized: doing right by others even in the absence of negative consequences for doing wrong.

For example, not raping just because you can get away with it. Not littering. Not stealing. By my definition, every country has some civilized people and some savages in it. And not all savages victimize others, some fear the consequences enough to check their own impulses.

As an adult non incarcerated male, I don’t evaluation my daily outfit for how much of a target they would make me for opportunistic rapists. Depending on the location, more than a few of my female friends have to consider it. Living up to Kipling’s idea of how dangerous women are would go a long way towards making more of the savages desist in their rapey behavior for fear of immediate rather than deferred consequences. As we well know, a mere chance of moderate punishment later isn’t much of a deterrent. A high probability of death or injury works better, and cuts down on recidivism nicely.

Pity the European governments, with the exception of Czechs and some of the Baltic states, are more afraid of allowing carry of arms to their own citizens than they are concerned with the safety of the people. The same is true of such US hellholes as New York and New Jersey. Professional courtesy, from political savages to the freelance criminal savages, no doubt! Both like to hold sway over others, just in slightly different ways.

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Just a pretty woman

I haven’t posted fun photos in a while. Her personality and character are bigger than life, and she’s equipped with a biting sense of humor, a high-speed brain, and wears one of JMB’s finest creations. I wonder how many guys could even keep up with her.

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One shotgun, two barrels

American Tactical imports TAC SX2 shotgun. They offer it as a set with two barrels, a 28″ tube with chokes for bird hunting and an 18.5″ cylinder bore for in-house disputes with unbidden guests.

In the near future, I will post a detailed review of this device. The first impression of fit, finish and control layouts is quite positive.

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Yellow paint

New texture library image. Linked image is 1600px wide, a much larger file is available on request.

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Bear cavalry is real!

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On fighting against a crowd.

Recently, a friend told me that pulling on pistol to fend off a gang of rapists — such as those in Cologne, Germany — would have lead to a stampede endangering multitudes.

  • Defensive ammunition is unlikely to penetrate more than two bodies, and the attackers were stacked a lot more deeply than that.
  • Fired from retention, a handgun is difficult to take away. The key here is to avoid complete encirclement at the start.
  • Deep magazines and sufficient reloads are essential. A 5-shot revolver might not be enough, but a 17-shot autoloader would almost certainly be sufficient to create a bulwark of incapacitated attackers.
  • While sufficiently large crowd could swamp the lone defender, it’s unlikely that recreational rapists would be so motivated. In a dense crowd, they have no way of knowing how many defenders are firing on them or how much ammunition is available.
  • While a stampede could injure the members of such a crowd, they are unlikely to be innocent bystanders.

In sum, I think that a gang rape is the classic crime calling for deadly force to be used and all casualties inflicted on the attackers would be well deserved. To the defender, the religious, gender, ethnic, or any other identity of the attackers is irrelevant. They may be straight white men or green reptilians of the Xth gender and FSMian affiliation, the forcible response to attempted molestation would and should be the same.

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A fashion dilemma

Pity most European countries allow only the first option to their subjects…

PS: It’s not like certain parts of America are any better…looking at you, New York City!

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Please recommend sports medicine practice near Hermitage, TN

I need a quick determination on a mild knee or lower leg injury, Star Sports by my home won’t have openings for several days. Other suggestions are welcome.

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