Volquartsen solution for the left-handed.

Volquartsen Ultra Lite .22 is an awesome rifle, but the thumbhole store is fairly long and designed purely for right-handed users. Fortunately, one minute with a screwdriver puts on an even lighter Hogue stock which is shorter and ambidextrous. Add a Gemtech rimfire suppressor, an Aimpoint T1 and Black Dog machine 50 round drum, and this becomes a pretty serious tool for steel challenge. And, just in case, Rudy Project eye protection.

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Savage Rascal, scoped

I’ve written about Savage Rascal before. It’s one of my favorite little rifles, tiny enough for kids but built well enough for adults to use as well. I use mine with the default peep sight and that’s good enough for 1″ at 25 yards. The walnut stocked version is both slightly heavier and slightly more expensive than the colorful plastic stocked models. It might make sense to put the balance of the weight and the extra money into an optic, like this store brand but surprisingly decent 2-7x. Being able to see the point of aim better translates into improved practical accuracy.

Combined with “quiet ammo“, it’s a very pleasant back yard plinker. It is equipped with sling swivel studs which can also be used for a bipod.


The lengths and the heft are about right for this 9 year old girl. She has shot other, larger guns, but this rifle is hers.

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Drones in Nashville

I’d like to get up to speed on doing photos of and with drones. Is anyone near Nashville willing and able to show me the basics?

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LP-E10 battery for Canon cameras

Who of my Nashville readers has a camera that takes such a battery?

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Refresher training.

Remington 870 Youth 20ga back in 2007.

I first took a shotgun class around 2000 with Greg Sullivan’s Defensive Edge in Minnesota. I was amazed at how much I was able to learn in a day. I’ve not done any shotgun training since. Time to remedy that deplorable condition.

This September, I am heading to South Carolina to learn more about shotguns.  The specific course was recommended by Russel Phagan or KE Arms, a very impressive shotgunner. Suarez International has a controversial reputation in the US, while East European gunnies generally respect him for being non-PC. I’d like to see for myself how his instructors present the material. I will bring cameras along and try to do photos and learn at the same time. While there, I also plan on a refresher pistol course.

I am looking for suggestions. First off, which shotgun to bring?

  • Remington 1100 Youth 20ga (4+1, light, low recoil, simple manual of arms)
  • Winchester X3 Youth 20ga (8+1 with extended tube, low recoil, would have to get used to the operation before the class)
  • Vepr 12 with 5 and 10rd magazine, 12ga (fairly low recoil, heavier, different manual of arms from other shooters)
  • EAA MKA1919, 12ga (a little more kick, fairly light, would probably have to run EOTech on it, 5 and 10rd magazines)

With any of these, I would need some way to carry ammunition, either loose or in magazines. Again, suggestions are welcome. Would adding a Red Ring sight to either 1100 or X3 be worthwhile?

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M1911 in 7.62x25mm


(Updated August 24 with the link to much larger image)

Considering how often I’ve heard people profess a desire for such a pistol, it’s surprising to come across such a gun for the first time ever. It uses 5 shot 38 wadcutter magazines from Clark Customs. Custom work by Sam Hoster.

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John Lewis, a great man

John is as kind as he is brilliant — and that’s a mighty good start. He is one of my favorite people.


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Hot weather carry option

Glock 43 with Viridian R5 laser. Might work with something like this garter holster.

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Brenneke slugs work well

Origin 12 shotgun with Trijicon RX30 sight (unmagnified 6.5MOA dot reticle), Brenneke full power magnum slugs.

Five shots at 25 yards, with the shotgun rested on a porch railing. The sight wasn’t fully adjusted at that point, we fixed it after this string and went to 50 yards next. 485 grain slugs at 1475fps would do a number on a foe, but were actually comfortable to fire from this shotgun. With the barrel below the centerline of the stock, muzzle rise was absent. Between the performance and the manual of arms being almost identical to a side-charging AR15, I am a big fan.

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This is why I look forward to Mondays

This video was made yesterday in my neighbor’s back yard.

Origin 12 home. My older video about it.

Another video from the same day.

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Magnified LCD hood for Canon T3?

I looked at B&H but could not find a single hood for the 2.7″ LCD. Any suggestions?

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Hogue retention holster for M1911: new on AllOutdoor

Lightweight paddle/belt convertible holster.

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Oil painting filter in Photoshop CC 2015

I need oil painting filter for a project. I have CS5 and CS2015 installed. The filter seems exclusive to CS6. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem?


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A well-appointed Saiga 12

A friend brought his shotgun today and I was very impressed with how well it was set up. The sight radius is much longer than on the original gun, and ghost ring and circular protective hood around the front post work great for aerial targets. Polychoke gives excellent versatility with slug, buck and bird. Variable length of pull, stubby foregrip and improved pistol grip add up to a handy package. 12-round drum works flawlessly, is easy to load and doesn’t require an awkward support arm position.

Personally, I like drums for shotguns as they don’t subject plastic shells to much spring pressure, and because this 12-rounder is the same height as a 5-round box magazine.

Having a telescoping stock proved most helpful when he got back into armor. The main photo shoot was with Origin 12 shotgun, but it’s great when models bring their own weapons along.

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ISSC SPA .22 rifle: new on AllOutdoor

ISSC SPA .22 biathlon rifle

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Our Lady of the Double Tap

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How to Choose the Best Ammo for Your Rifle: new on LuckyGunner

The first rifle a person owns is a lot like a first pet. The care and feeding are a mystery with numerous, often contradictory, pieces of advice proffered by well-meaning friends. Let’s go through the process of picking gun food step-by-step so that you can apply the same logic to other weapons.

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A very capable lady and her gun

Tatiana Whitlock, the gun trainer, the engineer, and the awesome host. I just got back from a great week that she and her family organized for me in Maine.

The Nighthawk T4 she shoots.


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Edged modesty device in infrared light

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Canon T3 operation question

In live view, the screen seems proportional to the expected exposure. That’s useless in studio with flash.  Any idea how I could switch the LCD to display brighter images rather than the expected picture brightness?

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