Protect hearing without overheating your head: new on AllOutdoor


GunSport Pro electronic ear plugs.

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Handheld .50 caliber

It carries well, shoots accurately and softly. For daily practice, it  accepts a .45ACP barrel and recoil spring. Guncrafter Industries #4 is the most impressive 1911 I’ve got to shoot yet.

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Quality is in the details.

Cheap sling that glows in infrared spectrum.

During a photo shoot, I snapped a few infrared images and noticed that one of the slings brought by a friend doesn’t look camouflaged anymore. It looks bright white. Through an night vision device, it would actually glow like a PT belt. That’s kind of visibility can be very bad for the person using it in case of a firefight.

Quality sling retains camouflage pattern in IR part of the spectrum.

I compared it to a better sling and found that it retained the same camo pattern through NVG. I have seen some Czechoslovak camo actually showing a different, also effective pattern in IR as a deliberate part of the design. So that’s one answer to what “better” gear does: it performs against observation by better equipped foes. The SOC sling is also wider, more supportive, and its hardware is much quieter.

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The color-coordinated rifleman

GWACS lower, Hahn rear sight, Troy magazine, Strike Ind. forend, Kaw Valley Precision linear comp, Pro Ears muffs, Rudy Project glasses. Can’t even begin to guess who made that upper…

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Tear gas won’t make her cry.

Are gas masks sufficient protection against CS, or would other mucous membranes have to be protected as well?

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Darkness, my old friend…

RDB-C bullpup in 6.5mm Grendel with 3x Bering Optics scope and a quick-detachable night vision device.  Infrared illuminator is off to the right. PMR30 on the side for close-range backup. Spare mags ride over AR50o steel plates. The smiley gunner is Lacey Caroline.

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Savage 220Y rifled shotgun: new on AllOutdoor

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“Federal law prohibits….”

For all the jackboot lickers who insist that laws are morality and must be followed, I submit this exhibit:

The same exhibit illustrates just how common ingredients for weapons are. Humans have been making serviceable weapons since before Paleolith, and that knowledge isn’t going away short of extinction of the species and wipeout of all records.

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Expanding Slugs: new on American Shooting Journal


Defensive loads for 12ga.

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Manual focusing with Canon 5DS R camera?

I am looking at getting a 135/2 lens for use with the Canon, but it has a finder screen optimized for lenses no faster than 2.8. With the older 5Dmk2, I could get a higher contrast focusing screen for use with fast lenses. 5Dmk3 omitted that option, and 5DS R seems to lack it as well.

My options seem to be live view with a magnifier (clumsy) or just using the Sony A7R. I am not at all sure that Canon AF (or electronic focus confirmation with manual focus) is accurate enough for focusing a 135/2 lens wide open consistently. Does anyone have experience either way?

Based on a recent test, Samyang 135/2 seems to provide sharper, cleaner images with less stray color in out of focus areas. How realistic is that comparison?

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Who in Nashville could lend me a Makarov (PM)?

I have a Polish P64 for a review, and would like to compare it to a Makarov…but I let mine go back in 2000. Could anyone lend me a Mak for photos or just join me for a range trip? Ammo and range are on me.

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South East Asia meets Asia Minor

12ga side-by-side, the Vice Presidential choice, and a 13-shot .380, both imported from Turkey by Zenith. Full reviews coming soon.

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Fury Carry Solution: new on AllOutdoor

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Umarex Luger P08 blowback pistol: new on AllOutdoor

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Another photography blog

Mostly images of people, might be of interest to some of my readers.

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Some girls get excited by gold and diamonds…

…others, by steel, brass and lead. Which would make a better teammate?

“Сама не летает и другим не даёт.”

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Ethan Allen or similar Pepperbox revolvers

Does anyone know the typical powder charges and velocity for .28, .32 or .36 caliber versions?

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AR57 review: new on American Shooting Journal

A 5.7 Alternative For Self-defense, Varmint Hunting


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Dawn died.

The end came entirely too fast for Dawn. The treatment should have started a year and a half earlier…

I’d like to thank all who help to make the last-ditch effort to save her. She was a very good person.

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