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Modern armies have 30 or so support staff for every fighter at the tip of the spear. The ratio of support to active fighters in the war to secure individual liberty is even more skewed. For every Alan Gura, thousands of people spread the ethical and technical components of the culture which includes weapons as a facet of the most valuable diamond — self-determination. Ironically, the people who value individual freedom most are communistic in the original meaning of that word. They cooperate closely with each other to keep the goals in sight, inching towards those goals against the encroachments by would-be post-feudal lords. In a sufficiently advanced feudal society, the masses including you and me are but sheep for the shearing and eventual slaughter. Keeping our hooves and horns, along with the mindset governing their effective use, is a matter of survival for us as individuals and for us as a liberty-oriented culture.

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No substitute for intelligence?


In reading various research about the role of intelligence for setting and achieving life goals, I see numerous arguments for its preeminence. At first, it seems that no substitutes exist, but I see one quality which appears to compensate at least partially for insufficient IQ: playing well with others. A peaceful, cooperative person will do far better even with minimal cognitive ability than a slightly smarter but anti-social, unfriendly individual. Considering that, parents would do well to teach the value of cooperative behavior to the kids — not in the sense of unfailingly following cultural protocol but in trying to figure out how to make every interaction profitable to all parties. Comparative advantage is a social as well as an economic concept, and a peaceable person attaching himself to smarter friends would do better than a brigand trying to prey on his intellectual superiors.

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Understanding statistics

I need a recommendation on a good introduction to the math side of statistical analysis. I got as far as pre-calculus in math and only remember some of it for daily use…yet would like to get at least a general understanding of how to interpret data. Recommendations for books or on-line resources would be appreciated. I looked at Wikipedia but too many of the terms are foreign to me at this point.

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Primary Arms 4-14x FFP scope

A long time ago, I acquired a Primary Arms 4-14x scope with a front focal plane reticle. Recently, a friend in his 70s needed better glass for his .270 TC Venture deer rifle, so it moved onto his gun locker. A few days ago, he called me right from the tree stand, asking if I’d like some venison. He saw a deer at a reasonable range.

Today, I got this message: “Got a 5-pointer. You have some smoked backstrap coming soon. I really like the Primary arms scope. My eyes aren’t what they used to be. Cataracts and astigmatism makes it hard to distinguish spike bucks from does, and the 14x magnification really helps. 150 yard neck shot, deer DRT.

The photos do not represent my 70-something year old friend. They do show another friend who knows how to run a rifle with flair.

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CCW Breakaways carry solution: new on Alloutdoor

Is that a gun in your pants? Why, yes!

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Short M1911s

One of my models is on a quest for a short M1911 (with 3-inch barrel), currently considering a Kimber. Which companies make short, reliable 1911s in 45ACP?

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Why should dirty politicians be the only people with guardian angels?

It helps if the weapon can be controlled with one hand. It also helps if it has greater range, power and accuracy that a typical handgun.

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Count on a lifetime of luck?

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LaserLyte and AR Training: new on CTD

For improving marksmanship and point shooting skills.

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Additional photo retouchers needed

I work with three regular retouchers. For family reasons, two of them are temporarily unavailable just as my volume of work increased. So I am looking for additional helpers. Here’s an example of the work recently done. Pay varies depending on the complexity of the changes needed and urgency of the work, usually from $3 to $15 per image. I will probably have 500+ photos to retouch before the end of the year, and one person cannot do them all.

If you’d like to work with me, please let me know here or by email. Samples of past work would be appreciated.


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Range time with Tavor

Half-size silhouette from shootsteel.com took a beating yesterday.

Half-size silhouette from shootsteel.com took a beating yesterday. (Photo by DJ Petrou)

Yesterday’s range trip with Natasha and Jing was a lot of fun. Decent weather for the season, about 50*F and windless, made the shoot more comfortable than expected. We ran quite a bit of ammunition ranging including 5.45×39, 5.56×45, 6.5Grendel, 6.8SPC, 7.62×39 and .458SOCOM through a variety of guns, all using the same magazine designed by Jing.

(Photo by DJ Petrou)

One magazine that works with all short action cartridges. (Photo by DJ Petrou)

This magazine means I no longer have to remember multiple types of AR magazines when bringing both 300Blackout and 338Spectre at the range. Or .223 and 7.62×39. Production magazines (shown in the video) have a black finish.

Back to the Tavor: it works and it works well. This was my first shoot using the new Geissele trigger, the drop-in upgrade that takes shooting the rifle from being work to being fun.

I pulled the EOTech sight to use on another rifle, but the irons were zeroed from the factory and good enough to hit the small steel targets at 50 and 60 yards, and a rock of about the same size at 75 from standing, rapid fire. Unlike most rifle peep sights, Tavor uses very minimal rear which allows shooting with both eyes open, just like with a red dot. Illuminated front sight snaps into focus very well, and the defocused target remains visible in the peripheral vision.

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US immigration policy madness

My family came to the US as refugees and had a very easy time of going through the naturalization process. We may have been a happy exception. I have a friend, an internationally known writer, who submitted his green card application several times, with substantial fees attached to every one of the. They were all “lost”. Upon a call from his state senator, they were miraculously found.

This morning, I read a this on a blog of an acquaintance whose writings I’ve been following for years:

February will mark the two year anniversary as to when my husband submitted his application for a change of status – a Green card.

He hasn’t even been called for an interview yet.

I have now received yet another notice from the State Department stating that his application is incomplete – even though it isn’t. They keep writing and asking for documents we’ve already submitted, each time it changes. Never mind that we have receipts stating they’ve received the appropriate forms.

I am FURIOUS. our lives are on hold.

I am tempted to take this to the media, I’m sure it would make a good story for someone – how impossible immigration is even for a citizen of England who has been married for two years and has a good savings account and a job.

In theory, US is a beacon of freedom to the world. Yet people without permanent residency are much restricted legally in what they can do here. And I get a distinct impression that having qualifications in science, business or any other useful area means nothing to the bureaucrats when it comes to approving applications. They’d rather bring in third-world savages with no skills beyond brigandage than smart, hardworking people who already speak the language, have an education and have manifested a work ethic.

I have another talented friend, living in Texas on a work visa. If he had a green card, he could produce several of his inventions here. I have no idea how to expedite the process of getting a green card for him, but would like to learn the options.

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Keltec RDB

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More than the sum of its parts

Take one Sideguard holster for a .32 S&W J frame revolver.

Add a cute girl.

Pure ecstasy?


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Poor, defenseless wimmens huddling together for security…

…stuck with century-old protective equipment. I wonder if feinsteins and other low-lives of the worlds would be comfortable with weapons that old in common use.

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“Это пять!”

In Russian, school grades go from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). So the expression “It’s a five!” represents approval. This MP is definitely a five!

(another MAD submachine gun)

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Red Lion Precision rotating rail

With Keltec Sub200o, you can either mount optics OR fold the rifle. Red Lion Precision rail allows both — loosen the collar, turn the forend 90 degrees left or right, re-lock. To deploy, reverse the process. It keeps zero.

RLP also makes muzzle devices and improved front sight. The optical sight shown is a very nice Primary Arms unit which combines a red dot with a very wide range of brightness and a green laser.

The laser just clears the front sight tower. A big advantage of having it above the bore is that the bullet path intersects the beam twice, just like with optics or iron sights. Lasers mounted below the bore only intersect the bullet path once, requiring offset UP at close range.

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A friendly mountain man

Another 5.56mm MAD rifle, this one compatible with AR15 magazines.

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