A coming 4x BDC scope

PWS piston rifle with the prototype Lucid 4x prismatic scope.


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Enjoying Spring weather

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Taurus Curve .380: new on AllOutdoor

A review by my friend Michelle, a self-defense instructor, with my photos.


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Shorter Barrels for Defensive Rifles: new on AllOutdoor

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CZ82 and CZ83 pistols: new on AllOutdoor

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M1867 Werndl-Holub rifle near Nashville

Does anyone near my location have access to a shootable Werndl rifle? I’d like to do photos and a short article about it.

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Small features that matter

AAC MPW 300BLK rifle with 2.5-10x Vortex scope. The shooter is one of OATH Ammunition employees.

Ammunition: OATH subsonic 300BLK in aluminum case, supersonic in brass case. Projectiles in both are precision-machined copper. I’ve been playing a lot with machined bullets recently: you can tell the uniformity of the shape even by how little retouching is needed in the macro photos.

My test group. I am not the best shot with rifle, so these results at 25 yards with subsonics aren’t showing the full capability of the weapon. The point of aim was the numeral 6, but the scope wasn’t zeroed for me or for this round. Correct point of impact for 25 should have been an inch left and an inch down or so.

So, the small detail I found relevant is the parallax adjustment on the scope. Most 2.5-10x scopes are set for 100 yards and look a bit fuzzy at 25. This one gave a sharp image and the reticle didn’t shift relative to the target when my eye did.

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Leopard got a monkey!



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What would be the cost of gold standard?

If gold standard was reintroduced, how much of the currently available metal would have to be devoted to making currency instead of industrial or decorative uses? What would it do to the price of the metal? How would fractional payments we set up, in copper and silver or fiat coinage made of something less costly?

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Freedom of association

Pretty much everyone agrees that a private person be able to pick friends free from interference. I see a lively argument going about the right to give or refuse business free of interference as well. Let me postulate these hypothetical situations:

A person runs a business — retail or consulting or some other, doesn’t really matter — and feels that a particular customer is unwelcome. Should they be forced to serve that customer? The reluctance could be based on credit history, political disagreement, just a hunch that the customer will cause trouble. Yes or no?

If you say yes, the person should be forced to do business with everyone, would you still hold the same view if the customer is Lon Horiuchi? The Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan? Someone else that you and the proprietor both hold reprehensible?

Businesses already legally discriminate by age, even though that’s a characteristic over which people have no control. If discrimination by sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, plain personal dislike are all to be illegal, why should discrimination by age or citizenship or any other factor remain legal?

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Body Armor Musings: new on AllOutdoor

Why do some US politicians hate freedom even more than Chinese commies do?

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Please recommend simple 3D program

I need a simple, inexpensive or free 3D modeling program (Windows 8) to perform the simplest tasks: lathing, extrusion, sweeps and the like. Don’t need high quality rendering or more complicated modeling. Suggestions?

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Does anyone know what kind of coin this is?

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Bank suggestions needed for a friend

“Well, we had our online store almost ready to go live in a few days and we got an email from our ecommerce host that by selling firearms and munitions that we are violating their gateway payment policy of their bank. Now we’re stuck. Any ideas? This was with Shopify. What is everyone else using?”

Any advice for my friend?

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A rifle for grizzly?

Since a single shot rifle with .22 Long cartridge was enough to drop a record-size grizzly, does this mean thirty rounds of  22WMR would suffice for a whole herd of dinosaurs?



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A Long Time Until Now: book review

I just finished reading Mike’s newest book, A Long Time Until now.  It’s a typical MZW in terms of pacing: a slow first chapter followed by rapidly accelerating pace of story-telling all the way up to the last sentence. It’s not a typical time travel book, though the details of historic and future-historic living are superbly written. It’s more of a drama detailing how different societies and cultures deal with sudden disruptions, and how the challenges of heterogeneity become strengths under fire.

I would recommend getting the pre-release digital version and not waiting for the paper edition. This book kept me awake for a few nights, so why should you get any more sleep than I have!

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While taking senior pictures for friends…

…ran into this Western girl with a Henry rifle.

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A smiling Texan

Our Renaissance man, Mike.


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Hast Holster

Saw a very nice holster and speedloader pouch set. Upon inquiry, I found it to be yet another Michael Hast design. The pictures don’t really do it justice.

The leather is worthy of the gun it encases, S&W M27.


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Henry “American Beauty” .22 lever action

Functional jewelry.

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