Unedited samples from Sony A7R

I obtained Sony A7R to supplement my Canon 5D2 bodies in studio. The Canons are far more useful for fast action, Sony AF being useless. It’s as slow or worse than the first serious AF body, Maxxum 7000 from 1985! Manual focus is also quirky, with focus peaking being inaccurate in unmagnified view but very precise once zoomed in.  The main reason for adding this body is for the 36MP sensor. The extra resolution will be a big help when preparing huge SHOT show display prints.

Two quick examples below done with Canon lens on a Metabones IV adapter. These are JPEGs straight from the camera, reduced to 1200px (click on the preview to see larger). The insets are 1:1 once magnified. This is the first camera I’ve owned that produces useable JPEGs in addition to RAW files.


Base ISO50, 100mm Canon macro lens at f8

ISO200, 100mm Canon macro lens at f4.

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Please recommend a workflow for Sony A7R files (Windows 7)

With Canon 5D2, I can open RAW straight out of Adobe Bridge (CS 5.5). Can’t do that with A7R. My options seems to be the following:

  • Use DNG Converter (free but slow)
  • Update to the current Creative Studio subscription (more streamlined, expensive, though perhaps discounts exist)
  • Some other path?

I welcome suggestions.

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“The original owner didn’t need it anymore…”

Let’s see how it shoots…

(Don’t actually fire it without eye and ear protection!)

A good deal on STG44-22: $330!


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St. George Arms Leader 50A1: new on AllOutdoor

Compact, lightweight, well-mannered 50BMG rifle

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Scoping the STG44: new on CTD blog

Getting full accuracy from this fun plinker.

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GSG Sturmgewehr 44 in .22LR: new on CTD blog

My experience with the updated STG44-22.

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Tennessee Firearms Association apparel

You can now support TFA by buying shirts and hats with their logo and wearing them in public.

While the shirts are unisex, they look pretty good on girls.

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Almost a DMR

Eight-year-old Taylor is running his dad’s AR15 with a 3×20 scope mounted, old-school, on the carry handle.  Two and a half inch group at 50 yards isn’t a bad start for the first time he shot anything larger than a 10-22. This is also an argument for adjustable stocks — the fixed one is too long for him.


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Promoting Fire Discipline: new on AllOutdoor

By training or by gun design?

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Why is ebay in Spanish now?

Tried the site today, it was in Spanish by default. Switched it to English, but most of the content is still in Spanish. Any idea why?

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4/3 adapter for a Nikon spotting scope

Yesterday, we got to enjoy the view of the nearly full moon through a spotting scope. At 60x, the moon filled half of the field of view! Now, I’d like to adapt that scope to my Panasonic G3. Does anyone know who makes such an adapter?

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New on AllOutdoor: Ring it Again, Sam!

Reactive steel targets.

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Indianapolis roll call

Who lives there? Anyone attending Gencon and driving through Nashville?

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Lawyer portraits

Alexandria Kincaid specializes in gun-related issues.

Disclaimer: we did no live fire, hence the absence of eye protection. She brought the FS2000 and the Tavor, and Lyle from Ultimak provided the Mni-14.


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Somebody’s time is running out…

1858 Army, target version.

This is my first foray into black powder, so I tried to pick something with practical value.

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Fashionable pistolera

Kahr P9 with upcoming Viridian R5 laser.

Keltec PF9

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A mid-19th century SBR

1861 Enfield artillery carbine.

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Making lemons

Volkswagen made a very popular ad about a lemon vehicle. Every so often, I also produce lemons. Here’s one:

One small detail...and the photo is unusable.

One small detail…and the photo is unusable.

I didn’t notice that during the shoot. This is why I try to use trained models who can keep track of such details.

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Two new articles up on AllOutdoor

Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum


Nagant Revolver in Serious Use

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Do it TO the children, Illinois?


Illinois specifically discriminates against orphans: parental consent is required for any gun possession between ages 18 and 20. That is significantly crazier than even the Soviet laws, and a good indication of how far the state politicians and judges are overdue for a vulture feeding as guests of honor.

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