Three Musketeers

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Magnified EOTech

TWS | EOTech

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Norden Performance 1-6x scope

Scope (and an informative review of it) | TWS optic rail (maintains zero even with 10x scopes)

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Idaho newlyweds



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Another flying life form

We waited for the future with flying cars. Ended up in the future with flying people.

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Keltec CMR30 carbines

With Gemtech 22wmr suprpessor (left) and PWS Triad .223 flash hider (right). Lucid red dots on both.

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Tropical uniform

Boberg XR45-S, a small, accurate, softly recoiling bullpup .45 pistol.

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A very traditional Remington 870


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Assorted bullpups

The main appeal of bullpups: balance! K&M17 in .308 (prototype).

IWI Tavor 5.56mm.

Keltec RFB .308 with AAC 762SDN-6 sound suppressor.


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Father-daughter, sniper-spotter.

The optic is a 6-24x Lucid L5 mounted on a QD mount meant for an AR15. As a results, it sits too high but worked well enough for practicing field positions. The young lady is 15 and a three-gun competitor in training.

Or, in this case, the other way — the more experienced shooter spots for the novice.

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Coonan .357 Compact

Regular 5″ Coonan autopistol may be concussive and flashy, but it’s a bit large for a small-framed person to wear daily. This compact 4″ version is even louder, brighter in the muzzle flash — and delivers a nice .357Mag punch.

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Sure Strike Laser Training Ammo

Keltec CMR30 Carbine

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Henry Golden Boy

Accurate and reliable, this rifle really grew on me…and the same thing happened to Sarah. she loves her little lever action.

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What I like about the upcoming Keltec RDB

Bottom ejection is left and right hand compatible. Felt recoil is extremely low without a compensator — which makes me really wonder about the concussive muzzle brake installed on this demo gun. Great trigger, reversible charging handle, excellent accuracy. 1-6x scope is a good fit for the cartridge.

It’s a pre-production gun, so I am still waiting for minor refinements of the safety lever, magazine release and sling attachments. But it’s nice to see very functional test guns out at public events, in this case the Bullpup Conference at Rockcastle Shooting Center.

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SCAR-H with Gemtech muzzle blast mitigation shield, Aimpoint T1, Inforce light. Camo by Kryptek.

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Flashy ammo

PMC rifle ammunition is pretty flashy to begin with. This picture shows shot three or four in a sequence of rapid fire. By then, the build-up of hot gas and unburned powder particles caused a brighter muzzle flame than before.

The rifle is PWS Mk.2 piston .308 with a Gemtech suppressor. The shooter is Yih-Chau Cheng, Oakland Gun Rights Examiner.

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A hypothetical situation for pro-life people

If you were under attack by a pregnant woman and had to choose between dying or using deadly force in self-defense, which would you choose? If you would choose self-defense, how do you reconcile harming the fetus to save your life with putting the fetus first when the life of the mother is on the line for medical or other reasons?

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Varminting in Idaho

PWS Mk.1 in 300Blackout, with Gemtech can and Aimpoint T1 microdot. Good on coyotes out to about 300m.

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Inland M1 carbines back in production.

Inland Manufacturing is once again making M1 carbines done right: ladder sights with proper detents, round bolts, good reliability and accuracy. Had a fun shoot with them. They even fed Hornady red tip defense ammo which my own carbine won’t feed. Inland is also making M1911A1 pistols. I got to plink with one at a 1/2 size steel silhouette and 100% hits at 35 yards were pretty easy.

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Unwinding between bouts of work

My tech support is in town.

Ingram 45ACp submachine gun with a home-made (properly tax stamped) Scionics-type silencer. No usable sights (needs a red dot) but can be point shot fairly well out to 35-40 yards.

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