Honor Harrington’s dad?

Meet David Weber.

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CTMR carbine: new on AllOutdoor

A heavy-duty entry in the 7.62×39 corner.

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Running Sony A7R from a cell phone or a tablet

Where could I find a guide on setting up remote control of that camera? The manual supplied with it isn’t very clear.

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Bringing the Point of Balance Back: new on AllOutdoor

Competition Rifles: Bringing the Point of Balance Back

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Where pugs come from

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These people are bad credit risks. Этим людям в долг не верить.

I try to help people when I can. Usually, the help is with connections, images and data, sometime with money. Some people end up disappointing me and never paying back. That’s usually aggravated by a lot of lying and broken promises. I am going to highlight three such people:

Hailey Sheldon (nee Patrick), a Nashville model. I lend her a modest sum nearly three years ago with the promise of repayment in two months. I then had over twenty promises of various full or partial repayment, including texts “I am on the way with the money”. She did pay off 10% of the debt in April, but has done nothing since. Given the number of missed appointments for photo shoots (including those with generous budgets) and the number and the variety of broken promises of repayment, Hailey comes across as a pathological liar who should not be trusted with any resources that you can’t afford to just hand over. That’s too bad, as she has talent.

John Bergonzi, my former student from ITT Technical. I lend him a slightly larger sum back in 2008, having believed his sob story about impending eviction of him and his family. Near as I can tell, he skipped town soon thereafter, having borrowed from several other people as well. Listing him just for the sake of completeness.

Hopefully, this information would save our common acquaintances the trouble of discovering the same traps in person. Detailed documentation on all three is available.

Я стараюсь помогать людям по возможности. Иногда, я разочаровываюсь в них.

Надеюсь, эта информация поможет нашим общим знакомым не попадаться лично. Подробная документация в наличии.

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Books with my photos

Just saw a review of Legally Armed, a book for which I did quite a few photos. On the same page, was a link to another book, Florida Firearms – Law, Use & Ownership, with my photo on the cover.

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Chiappa 1873-22 article is up on American Shooting Journal

The Short And Long Of It All

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Maddie gets her guns

Maddie is Cheyenne’s younger sister. At 11, she’s already a competitive shooter.

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Two de-facto standards in competition rimfire shooting

Volquartsen pistols and rifles and C-More sights.

Competently handled by Cheyenne Dalton.


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XDM 45ACP longslide

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Movies to avoid

Suite Française (2014) — starts with an interesting premise but goes nowhere with it. The characters range from inconsistent to cartoony to unrealistic. It has all the elements of good film without actually turning into a satisfying, coherent whole.

The Dawns are Quiet Here (2015) — A remake of a differently flawed 1972 movie, with over the top special effects, bad acting and rather unrealistic props. Lousy weapons handling across the board, including the supposedly elite special forces group. Special prize for most characters mumbling unintelligibly.

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Nighthawk Custom T4: new on AllOutdoor

A particularly refined compact 9mm 1911

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Good use for a laser

Since pocket pistols usually have abbreviated sights, I find lasers very helpful for accurate shooting. Older shooters whose eyes can’t see the sights up close benefit even more.

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Acro Yoga

Four very impressive people. Organized by Bryan Flanders.

The location is Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City. It’s the only state government building I have encountered so far that doesn’t project government hostility at the visitor, and it is available for wedding and other photographers over the weekend. It’s a very visually tidy space with good light.



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Technological accomplishments

Which countries had the capability for production of modern cannon in 1850, 1875, 1900?

Currently, which countries produce modern cars (something no more primitive than a 1990 Toyota)? Computers?

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Subtitles for the German portion of Suite Française (2014)

Does anyone know where to find translation for the German-language portion of the film? I found subtitles but they omit everything said in German.

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Getting your money’s worth, positive or negative.

Most of the time, I deal with responsible and competent people. However, I have encountered two exceptions who stood out in ways I find annoying.

Exhibit 1: got a small loan from me over 2 1/2 years ago. She had some difficulties in life, so I didn’t press for repayment. For about the last year, I’ve been getting regular promises of repayment “today/tomorrow/by the end of the week”, perhaps twenty in all. I find it hard to believe that the small amount involved could not have been paid off over a few paychecks. In April, I got 10% of the total paid back. Since then, more was promised by mailed check or by cash in person, but no letter ever came and all personal appointments were missed. I also find it puzzling that somebody would make promises with no intentions of keeping them.

Exhibit 2: got a slightly larger loan from me in January. I offered to provide retouching work to pay off part of the loan. Work was done consistently poorly, without attention to detail or meeting of deadlines. Several times, I gave him non-urgent projects which he promised to do well and on time. All deadline have passed and no work was done. There’s been no communication in response to my inquiries. The deadline for repayment passed five months ago.

When people pay me or do something helpful, I try to provide at least their money’s worth in services and good publicity. Is there any down side to providing my money’s worth of negative publicity. Everything is well documented. I have pretty good reach into the circles frequented by the two people I mentioned. If nothing else, it might save others from being taken by the same people.

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Just Looking

A Lucky Gunner employee practicing sitting position in the best traditions of Appleseed.


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A lucky picture capturing shotgun blast in hot, humid weather. Taken at ORSA Skeet and Trap Club during a shoot with Lucky Gunner crew.


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