Threading Glock barrels

Posting this for a friend:

I have a unique opportunity to offer brand new 1/2×28 OEM Glock threaded barrels for the Glock 17. As you’re most likely aware, Glock recently began offering threaded barrels in the US, but with metric threads. Not the smartest move considering all the 1/2 by 28 suppressors around the country. Ballpark cost for a threaded barrel $225ish. I need to know whether to do a batch, or just a few for myself.

Anyone interested in threaded Glock barrels, please chime in here.

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Swag for CZ fans

The tshirt is from 1791 Apparel, the hat is from CZ-USA.

The pistol is CZ75 Compact, the rifle is CZ455 Trainer.

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Vepr 12: new at AllOudoor

Vepr 12 first impressions.

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Two new articles up on AllOutdoor

Crosman 2300S pistol.

Ground Strike reactive targets.


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Good times

Just spent a day making photos and videos, chatting with friends and shooting Vepr 12 and FG42. Great overcast weather, talented and well-equipped WW2 reenactor model, and a good day for me in terms of accuracy. FG42 with iron sights shot 3MOA with Tula ball and 2MOA with Black Hills match, and had zero malfunctions over the 60 rounds fired. We shot only a few rounds through Vepr 12 to verify zero, but Brenneke “home defense” slugs cloverleafed at 25 yards (iron sights also). Recoil was minimal with both guns.

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Fallschirmjägergewehr 42

FG42 from SMG Guns at the range. 308 rifle that shoots like a .223 AR, thanks to the integral spring-loaded recoil reducer in the stock.


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Accessorized Tavor


Top rail designed to match AR15′s height over the stock comb for comfortable sight picture, a small side rail and a hollow forend with integral weapon light: all made by my friend Paul’s Gear Head Works. 9mm Tavor conversion is fun to shoot. Mepro 21M sight turned out to be too bright for small targets but works very well on full-sized silhouettes.

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Crickett and friends in the news

Mike and Charlene Meador show up in a Washington Post article about proposed restrictions on firearm advertising by Eugene Volokh.

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My photos in use

Quite a few of them are up on Texas Weapon Systems new web site.

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Old snapshots: splashing around

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Another killer ape!

A very precocious child.


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Another awesome work day

Taking photos from a ladder of a fire truck.

Taking photos from a ladder of a fire truck. (Photo by Paul Reavis)

Took pictures all day. Got to record the chief of fire-fighters rappel down into a window with a suppressed Tavor in hand, and a bunch of other polite gentlemen play around an MRAP. Fun day.

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Cool people I know

DJ Petrou, 3-gun competitor

Bob Faxon, gun designer


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My typical work day

Taking a break between photos to try out a 300 Blackout barrel for my ARAK21. It worked well and the recoil was almost imperceptible. The optic is a Primary Arms 1-6x.

(Photos by Bob Faxon)


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Nothing but chunks!

Recently, I was present at a Condition 1 beginning AR15 class. One of my models attended, I took photos. At the end of the class, we set up one of the 3D targets from IDTS (designed by my friend Tatiana Whitlock) to demonstrate the awesome power of my little Armalite.

In truth, it was 8 ounces of the curious mix from In The Red Exploding Targets. Just the accord for the closing salvo of the class.

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Beretta CX4 Storm carbine

A friend’s article with my photos is up on AllOutdoor

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Expanding the reach.

My photo accompanies Eugene Volokh’s article in Washington Post.

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The price of diffuse light

Until recently, I used a 10ft x 20ft popup tent for getting softer light on sunny days. Bought for $1200, the tent lasted five years and was well worth the expense and the effort required to set it up. A couple of weeks ago, the tent was damaged by a storm and repairing it would take a while. That prompted me to try a more portable solution than the 90-pound pop-up.

In movie-making, the standard solution is silk stretched on a frame and raised on two stands. Due to the heavy-duty stands and sandbags required to keep it in place, the entire set of equipment is actually heavier than the tent, but individual components are much lighter and easier to move.

I just priced the 12ft x 12ft kit at B&H: $1520 with shipping. All that for one light modifier. If you ever wondered why professional photography is expensive, this is one of the reasons.

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Recoil is relative.

Dan Coonan is very fond of saying that shooting his gun is an experience. It does have more muzzle flash and recoil and muzzle rise than a typical wonder-9.

Actress Morrigan Sanders, age 16, doesn’t usually shoot Coonans. But not because they kick too much…

…and more because they don’t kick or flash enough. Her toys are chambered in 44Mag and, for more laid-back experience, 45Colt. Full-house 44Mag is a nice handfull even in her large, heavy Astra revolver — enough bang to rattle her braces.

And now you know what girly girls shoot when they aren’t pretending to like pink 25ACP automatics.


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