Curley Effect

A formal research paper about Curley Effect supports my theory that gun control and many other laws are all about harassing the electoral opposition.

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Hot weather, cool range

Now that Nashville is hot and humid every day, I am spending more of my time at Nashville Armory range. Good ventilation, AC and rifle rated backstops.

And their staff is all firearms enthusiasts.

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Startled cowgirl

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New models

Aaron, who modeled for my photos back in 2010, is back.

And he brought friends along.

We had a good photo shoot. More images coming as I get them edited.

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Single shot rifles and lying liars who lie.

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Business advisory

I have terminated my professional relationship with Rob Carson of Beck Defense.

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That’s crazy talk!

Blaming the sane and the law-abiding for crimes of the crazy and the criminal is a pretty good indication of a mental disorder. Should such people even be holding public offices?

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A Hebrew adaptation of my article

A fairly close adaptation of Alleged intent of gun control vs. actual observable goals has been translated to Hebrew by Amit Nachman.

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One of the best explanations of gun registration


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Mouse problem solved

Thanks to the help of Treavor Hearn and Michael Farnette, I now have a functional mouse. For some reason, the solution was using a wireless mouse with an externally powered USB hub.

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3.5lb AR15 is coming: new on AllOutdoor

Fostech’s 3.5-pound AR-15

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Amie’s book now in print!

Amie’s novel, The Gods Defense, is now available in print. Get your copy today!

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Two days shy of 50th birthday

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Custom furniture makers in Nashville, TN?

I would like to have an office chair customized to a 5ft tall person. All standard chars are too high off the ground. I could try to shorten the center column of an existing chair or have one custom made. Suggestions?

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100+ casualties in a gay dance club attack? Time for Pink Pistols.

(Edited for factual info)

One fiend attacks a crowd and kills 50, wounds more. How was that possible in a state where concealed carry is legal and plenty of people go armed? Unfortunately, I see several contributing factors:

  1. Carry is only legal from age 21, I suspect quite a few law-abiding victims were under 21.
  2. It was a posted “gun-free” zone. Such places should be avoided, both to deny financial support to the proprietors and for safety.
  3. Seems the consensus is that carrying in a nightclub or a bar is not legal in Florida due to alcohol sales…even if the person carrying isn’t drinking.

The third possible reason is that this venue’s patrons might just be less likely to carry than the average person. That’s the factor that Pink Pistols has been trying to mitigate since 2000. Unfortunately, the closest chapter to Orlando is in Ft.Lauderdale. Now, Pink Pistols is not the only organization that provides training — there’s plenty of competent instructors who would train straight, gay, asexual or any other students, orientation being irrelevant to marksmanship. But Pink Pistols have provided the motivation to quite a few to do something about being a likely target for criminals.

As the events in Paris showed, being gay isn’t the only risk factor. This kind of attack may be aimed at the general population. Or at women only, as with the nutcase from Canada in the 90s. We can’t always predict who will go crazy and homicidal. We should learn self-defense and first medical aid to improve the chances of survival for ourselves and those near us.

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Baby Gremlin

Photo from 2007.

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More deadbeats?

On April 11, I sent an invoice to one of my client companies. On May 5, I got a text message promising payment the following week. Since then, I’ve heard nothing from anyone in that company. They are not returning emails or phone calls. They have a history of not paying their employees: last year, at least two of their past employees sued them for non-payment.

I think I will give them another week, then publish all details here. They will be in great company with the other deadbeat mentioned earlier. When I get paid by a client, I try to provide their money’s worth. If the amount is negative, then the worth of my work should be negative as well. I also wouldn’t want others to invest time and resources into working with them in the future.

I am quite puzzled at the willingness of serious businesses to risk their reputation and employee relations in this manner. Neither denies that they owe me, but they aren’t paying. I am only holding off on the details because there may be an innocent explanation for the delay in payment and the cessation of communications in the case of the second client. The first one is in a tailspin, and I suspect the brand isn’t going to be around for long. By a strange coincidence, both companies have the same specialization.

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“You can’t post this because it has a blocked link”

Just got this message while inside Facebook chat. This was the image they blocked. With that, FB just got a little too creepy and nanny statist for me. So, a request for my friends: please use other means of reaching me (preferably, email) instead of Facebook chat. I am going to try to find other venues for interaction that aren’t quite as heavily censored.

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Canon problem: help me figure out what’s wrong!


Taken at 1/200s f3.5 with 70-200/2.8 II lens on 50MP 5DS R body. Images stabilization on in handheld mode.

Taken at 1/200s f3.5 with 70-200/2.8 II lens (actual focal length 105mm) on 50MP 5DS R body. Images stabilization on in handheld mode. Same problem shows up with 1/640s exposure or with studio flash.

I have no idea what’s wrong. All other lenses work fine on 5DS R body. The lens in question works fine on 5Dmk2 and Sony A7R bodies. But the two aren’t working on combination. Camera firmware is up to date. Canon Professional Services have no guesses. The combination as it is now is useless for any purpose.

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Texture library update

More free textures for designers…

Larger files are available on request.

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