Looks like the compact camera search is over.

The winner is Panasonic GM5 with 20/1.7 lens, carried in CCW Breakaways pants. The main challenge now is to find a reasonably priced used GM5 body that’s not bundled with a zoom lens. Any pointers?

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Roni “Civilian” carbine: new on AllOutdoor

Pistol-carbine for self-defense and sport shooting

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Compact camera musings

Sony NEX7 with 20mm/2.8 pancake…fits all needs except macro. Same with 30/3.5 macro fits all needs except pocketability. It would even mount the FE 55/1.8 as a short tele.

From standpoint of ergonomics, Olympus Pen F would bring articulated LCD and internal stabilization, plus the ability to use my one current 4/3 lens, but it’s nearly as big as the A7R with 1/4 of the sensor size…

Looking at true subcompacts, I am unhappy both with the small sensors (1/1.7″ or even 1″) and with the slow zoom lenses. The closest I found to a usable lens seems to be the 18.5mm prime for Nikon 1…and Nikon 1 V3 seems to have all the features I like, but there’s something about that system that’s giving me pause.

One more option: dirt-cheap used Olympus EM1 (no protected viewfinder but pocketable) with Panasonic 20/1.7 pancake lens.

UPDATE: The latest contender, Panasonic GM1 with 20mm pancake lens.

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A roll in the hayloft with a Czech beauty

UK59 (“universal machinegun”) in 7.62x54R shows obvious ZB26/Bren features, but adds a unique cocking with the movable pistol grip. It also has the infamous shoulder thingie that goes up. My friend tells me that hay bales are actually quite good at stopping bullets, so settling into one for a firing position isn’t crazy.

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Radom P64

New manufacture 9×18 Makarov ball — it’s curious to see “Red Army” branding on Polish made ammo, considering how poorly the current Poles think of the USSR.

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Portable generator recommendations needed

I am looking for a field-portable generator suitable for running a couple of studio flashes (without preview lights). Total current draw would be quite low. Main requirements are:

  • Quiet
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Simple in operation

Any suggestions on what to buy and what to avoid?

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“А глаза такие добрые-добрые…”

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Reflex suppressor

Part of the AmTac reflex suppressor goes over the barrel, behind the muzzle. That increases volume without adding too much length to the gun. Lancer carbon fiber forend provides thermal insulation.

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Second Amendment for new arrivals

Even though I knew of private gun ownership when I first came to the United States, there was still an emotional disconnect between seeing others own guns and realizing that my parents could. For people from even less RKBA friendly countries than the USSR, such as China, Koreas and Japan, that emotional disconnect may be even greater. So take your new immigrant friends shooting. Teach them the safety, and the tactics, and the political history behind the Second Amendment and the preexisting human right it affirms.

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Worlds Rimfire Steel Challenge 2016

The first edits. I’ll post details and more images later.

Alexis with Volquartsen Scorpion and Leupold Deltapoint.

Another Scorpion in Chase’s hands.

Aimee’s 2245 modified by Tandemkross, with Vortex Razor.

TacSol X-Ring with another Razor.

CZ 75 Kadet.

Cole runs another Scorpion, this one with a CMore.

Matheu runs another 2245 Lite worked over by Tandemkross.

Mylee runs a “limited” 2245, without a compensator or an optic.

Allie Cat with her Scorpion.

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Compact camera considerations again…

This topic seems to come up regularly. With my 4/3 body now in deep infrared configuration, I have no small cameras on hand. My smallest body is Sony A7R, and it’s hefty once 55mm lens is attached. It also lacks close focus.

Olympus Pen F is stabilized and can take small lenses. The size and weight saving seems not all that great, and I am not really eager to drop $1500 for it and 20/1.7 or similar.

Nikon 1 V3 is likewise a small gain in weight and size, a big loss in sensor detail and about $60 with 18.5mm (50e) lens.

I don’t like using my cell phone for photos. It’s very hard to hold steady, and the image quality isn’t great. I looked at the available options, Fuji X100T might work, again with minimal dimensional weight. I am open to suggestions. The must have features are:

  • 1″ or larger sensor
  • 35e or longer lens
  • Fast lens (1.8 for 1″ sensor or 4/3, 2.8 for APS-C)
  • Close focus (at least 1:5 magnification)
  • Ideally, a protected viewfinder
  • Ideally, would fit a pocket of my slacks or a small belt pouch

Am I seeking a unicorn, or such items actually exist?

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Armagon G12 shotgun: new on AllOutdoor

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Spotting anti-gun propaganda

Just saw a link to an animation featuring sheriff’s kid shooting dad with a visibly unloaded Winchester rifle. The hammer on the safely carried rifle is shown in the uncocked position, followed immediately by the accidental shooting. People who are unfamiliar with lever actions would see that as an indictment of firearms, if only on a subconscious level. Be aware of this kind of sneak demonization of guns, tell others.

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Friends between Gainsville and Atlanta?

I am looking at doing part of that drive tonight. I don’t feel up to the 5 hours all at once, so would like to check if anyone half-way between the two points would like an overnight guest.

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Replacing Samsung Galaxy S4

Looking for suggestions on a replacement Android phone — mainly interested in good battery life, similar size to S4. Other considerations are secondary.

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Better Sporting Ammunition: new on AllOutdoor

Velocity Munitions 9mm.

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CZ and the Czech School of Gunmaking: new on GUNSweek

Bren 805 and Scorpion carbines.

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Realistic Live Fire Training at Troy’s Gate: new on AllOutdoor


An innovative and effective method for learning to think under stress.

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“Peaceful” should not mean “defenseless” (in Armenian)

(With thanks to Hrachya H. for the translation.)

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